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Astro-Strategic Analysis: A Ray Of Hope For Global Real Estate Developers & Investors

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Astro-Strategic Analysis: A Ray Of Hope For Global Real Estate Developers & Investors

May 19
22:11 2022
Astro-Strategic Analysis: A Ray Of Hope For Global Real Estate Developers & Investors

Hirav Shah, a leading business strategist and business transformation expert, has been empowering Real Estate investors and developers across the globe with Astro-Strategic analysis.

The real estate market is on the rise in western countries. The real estate market is expected to fall by 20% this July onwards, he believes. From rate increases, and banking problems to over commitments, the effects of it all will be prevalent in India in the coming months. Relying on Astro-Strategic analysis and strategies for unsold inventories can help real estate developers and investors with the certainty of sales for all ongoing and upcoming projects.

“Unsold properties will experience a significant impact from real estate. But its negative impact can certainly be avoided with Astro Strategy™”, shares Hirav Shah, one of India’s leading and globally acclaimed Astro-Strategic experts. “It is critical that businesses are aware of their potential outcomes”, he concludes.

Most real estate sector developers and investors face issues such as a large amount of unsold inventory. This makes it very hard for most real estate developers to roll over the funds to start new projects. But Hirav Shah is dedicated to offering certainty through detailed analysis of unsold properties to ensure certainty of the sales timeline of projects using Astro Strategy™.

Astro Strategy™ or Astro-Strategic analysis is a signature approach followed by Hirav Shah to help real estate businesses, developers, and investors from successfully launching projects, advertising, diversification, sell, acquisition, and merger.

Real estate developers and investors can explore their true potential when they are more certain about the results. When they know they will certainly get rewarded for their actions and hard work, they will produce great results. One’s experience can help them draw certainty for a business decision. But in case of inexperience in a certain set of situations, they might not get great results. This is why they will need Astro-Strategy to bring that certainty so they can achieve inevitable success.

“Essentially, Astro-Strategy™ helps you understand where you are, where you are going, what you are doing, how you are doing, and what is the likelihood that you will achieve your goal of producing consistent results”, says Hirav.

It can figure out when to sell your unsold inventory by mapping out all possible outcomes, figuring out the most profitable routes, and constructing a business plan that flexibly adapts to dynamically ever-changing market conditions,” he says.

Over the years, the renowned Real Estate Astrologer has worked with leading real estate giants and infrastructure giants. Thus, providing concrete predictions and sales timelines of unsold properties. No matter what business query you have in mind, he is the go-to person who will guide you to make some absolutely smart decisions. As he excels in offering real estate consultancy services for growth and expansion planning based on astrological analysis.

Apart from unsold inventory, Astro-Strategy™ also has tremendous applications in rebranding, product analysis, project analysis, sales timeline, sales strategies, advertising, brand building, acquisition & mergers, brand building, SWOT analysis, business expansion, project planning, and new project launches amongst others.

Hirav has been passionate about astrology since his college days and also practised astrology. He began his IT company with over 30 professionals at the time. However, post-1999, things changed for him completely after his mother slipped into a coma for on and off for 3 years. But practising occult science helped his mother recover within 3 months. This experience motivated him to aid others in coming out from their career and business difficulties with help of Astrology.

Today, Hirav is a well-known name among the tycoons around the world who profit from his advice. He certainly has become unstoppable.

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