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Understanding the multi-chain: MoonbaSwap testnet will be launched soon

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Understanding the multi-chain: MoonbaSwap testnet will be launched soon

March 16
17:55 2022

MoonbaSwap has been making a lot of moves lately, the public testnet will be available on March 21, 2022. According to the team behind it, the plan for the future of multi-chain which will be gradually implemented in stages. The MoonbaSwap application and ecosystem, built on the Oneledger blockchain, breaks the trust barrier between blockchains and fulfils the promise of sharing multi-chain value. This is a multi-chain upgrade as well as a new DEX upgrade.

MoonbaSwap is built on Oneledger network with a focus on interoperability to link other crypto ecosystems. The Oneledger public chain is on DPOS consensus with great return on staking. As the largest validator and important investor in Oneledger, Kucoin provides the most cutting-edge team and constant support to the network in last few years. OneLedger also built the great partnership with top industry leaders such as Google, IBM.

Construct Stage

MoonbaSwap brings together hundreds of the world’s top highly skilled developers who have spent thousands of hours building tools and infrastructure. In some cases, the time required to create a dApp using mature versus underdeveloped tools can be 100:1. This is why, by industry standards, the tools and infrastructure built by proprietary stack blockchains are moving so slowly.

With years of experience in the blockchain industry and a master’s degree from Ukraine National Aviation University, MoonbaSwap technical director Bohdan Kurinnyi has solved the Ethereum (ETH) payment processor problem. In this regard, the open source projects established by the MoonbaSwap ecosystem’s developer team led by Bohdan can be quickly replicated without the need for time-consuming code rewriting.

Bohdan’s goal is to entice developers and users to participate in the development journey with increased performance. MoonbaSwap is built on the OneLedger blockchain to create a comprehensive new DEX with interoperability, low gas fees, and efficient transactions. OneLedger, for example, has significantly improved performance thanks to the staking pool used by its proof-of-stake protocol, which requires miners to stake their digital assets in order to verify transactions. This not only improves the trading experience for users, but it also reduces transaction time.

Break the boundary and move quickly.

“We rewrote all MoonbaSwap’s logic; it’s now a near-native contract with nothing special about it, but MoonbaSwap develops Web3 applications that allow users to interact with cross-chains to achieve its full functionality.” As the head of the front end, Basem Mostafa believes that the emergence of the MoonbaSwap market creates an opportunity to move quickly and change things, resulting in an overall architecture similar to the ETH 2.0 vision.

Basem has spent many years developing a securities digitization and trading ecosystem based on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. He is also a well-known front-end expert in the supply chain, payment, and e-commerce industries. Having assisted large corporations in experiencing exponential growth, he is extremely optimistic about MoonbaSwap’s future as a “new star” of DEX. He believes that MoonbaSwap, which is built on the mature and powerful Oneledger network, can benefit from its innovative security system on the one hand, and its team’s one-stop service on the other. The combination of technology and service will result in a win-win situation in which technology and service work in tandem.

Future MoonbaSwap

The rapid growth of multi-chains in 2021 was acceptable, but greater connectivity facilitated by common supporting standards could spark even faster growth in the years to come. MoonbaSwap demonstrates with hands-on results that multi-chain is a must-have today, and it’s difficult to compete without the interoperability MoonbaSwap enables.

Human society’s decentralization has become a trend in the digital age. Although MoonbaSwap is a DEX, it aims to provide a variety of services to help users grow, such as pledge mining, lending, LAUNCHPAD, and so on. The CEO of MoonbaSwap project used to be the technical director of PwC. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry. As an early DeFi and blockchain evangelist, he possesses not only professional and in-depth knowledge of technology migration, but also innovative thinking and a successful incubation operation strategy.

George Connolly stated: “Whether from centralization to decentralization or vice versa, it is a natural evolution of human society in various regions and historical nodes – and now various development paths point to decentralization.  We will truly understand more concepts and phenomena with a more open vision, such as Web3.0, blockchain, metaverse, and so on. As blockchain practitioners, we believe MoonbaSwap will eventually evolve blockchain technology. We see a  digital world that is decentralized.”

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