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Eangelmarkets and ACSIS, Inc. join forces for a win-win future

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Eangelmarkets and ACSIS, Inc. join forces for a win-win future

January 07
22:15 2022

On December 22, In order to respond to the rapid growth of decentralized trading volume, run a new derivatives trading model, and build a free circulation network of wealth value, Eangelmarkets and ACSIS, Inc. have joined forces and complemented each other’s strengths to create an EA trading chain, empowering a new solution for decentralized trading systems.

Eangelmarkets and ACSIS, Inc. join forces for a win-win future

ACSIS, Inc. provides first-class investment and asset traceability solutions, optimizes investment business operations, and improves profitability. This cooperation will give full play to the technical advantages of ACSIS, Inc., and cooperate with Eangelmarkets to create an EA trading chain. The EA trading chain is a public chain, a new underlying technology platform linking various blockchain technologies, allowing trust-based value to circulate freely in different blockchain systems, and empowering new solutions for decentralized systems. The EA trading chain is the traffic entrance of the transaction platform, with low processing fees and high TPS, high security and scalability, native support for cross-chain protocols, compatibility with Ethereum EVM, and collaborative smart contract development.

ACSIS, Inc. provides first-class investment and asset traceability solutions to optimize business operations for greater profitability, more informed decisions and improved user satisfaction. The ACSIS, Inc. cloud solution provides a real-time view of supply chain execution, connecting legacy systems, partner networks, and edge assets to gain better insights and smarter predictions.

Jeremy Coote, CEO of ACSIS, Inc. said: “We are very happy to cooperate with Eangelmarkets, especially in building an EA trading chain. we have extensive technical experience and strong resource support, and are looking forward to the next step in our collaboration to enable a new decentralized derivatives trading system solution. We are confident that the EA trading chain will become a benchmark for market-leading technology”.

Eangelmarkets is a new multi-chain derivatives contract trading platform with a friendly automated market maker mechanism (FAMM), order book and decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol for secure, fast and cost-efficient exchange/token, cross-chain transfer and liquidity mining of all cryptocurrencies. By bringing together the trading advantages of CEX and DEX through innovative decentralized derivatives algorithms, it helps users to use different derivatives trading services with faster trading speed, better security, better liquidity and capital efficiency.

In addition to supporting decentralized spot trading and traditional financial forex, gold, stock indices, etc., Eangelmarkets also supports futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance and many other derivatives trading, while the unique flexible cross-chain technology will cover spot trading of various tokens, as well as derivatives trading on mainstream public chains such as BSC, Ether, Polka, Polygon, Matic, TRON, etc.

Eangelmarkets said: “This cooperation with ACSIS, Inc. is a strong alliance for Eangelmarkets, with complementary technical advantages. I believe that the superimposed effect of the two companies’ technical strengths provides an excellent technical solution for building an EA trading chain.EA trading chain takes over the DEX of the trading platform, which is the core factor to determine the success of the trading platform and an important reflection of its superiority over other trading platforms, and this cooperation will lay a strong foundation for the success of EA trading chain”.

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