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SpecTruth to create a new section of metaverse to help with autism

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SpecTruth to create a new section of metaverse to help with autism

December 28
20:45 2021
SpecTruth has some big plans as they want to create an entirely new section of the metaverse that is mainly made to help those with autistic disorders. They want to use an AI powered software program to help with different diagnosis and treatment plans recommendations.

California – December 28th, 2021 – SpecTruth is all set to use both AR and VR as they want to offer the best of metaverse experience to the users. Their token is being called STRUE and it will be used for the sake of funding different premium services ranging from therapy to consultation, treatments, and more.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are aware of the infinite potential that the world of AI holds and we want to merge the power of AI with the limitless power ofblock chains and help it to diagnose and treat those who are suffering from delayed development and even autistic traits.”

Every user at this site will get their own landing page where they will have tabs that could direct them to messenger, library, games, therapy, cryptocurrencies, and more. One can also create different AI friends and thereby build a strong community of like minded people. There are several premium services present on the site that will only be available for access by those who seek to have bought the tokens.

The token sale is going to be held shortly and the site is hopeful that they will be able to generate a good amount of fund that in turn could prove to be a major breakthrough in the field of research and treatment for those suffering from autism and other developmental disorders.

This is one of the inspiring project that if successful can contribute to the better success of medical sciences and help tons of children who are otherwise suffering because of their condition. Those who would like to know more about what the company has to offer or even those who are on the lookout to buy the tokens and get the right STRUE coins for accessing the premium features should make it a point to visit

About SpecTruth

SpecTruth is an all new platform that mainly aims at using blockchain for the sake of generating funds that could aid in research and treatment of different autistic disorders. They also aim at creating a wonderful AI community.

Media Contact
Company Name: Spectruth
Contact Person: Mikail
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine

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