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BitcoinClassic works with Singapore’s crypto asset trading platform Coinstore

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BitcoinClassic works with Singapore’s crypto asset trading platform Coinstore

December 22
18:55 2021

Singapore’s crypto asset trading platform, Coinstore, is the second crypto asset trading platform worldwide to reach a partnership with Bitcoin Classic.

Since the global launch of ZB platform, crypto asset trading platforms have sought cooperation from Bitcoin Classic community; According to the principle of cooperation priority, Bitcoin Classic community has decided to try to cooperate with Singapore’s new trading platform Coinstore after discussion.

Users can trade the BitcoinClassic freely on the Coinstore platform

About the Coinstore

Coinstore is a new crypto asset trading platform located in Singapore that provides mainstream cryptocurrencies to users worldwide.The Coinstore Team consists of dedicated talents who built successful careers in various fields before joining the crypto industry. The team’s mission is to deliver value to our users and clients by building a world class crypto-exchange platform that benefits users, investors, and listing project parties. As part of the crypto community, we strongly believe in collaborations.

Bitcoin Classic has stepped into a fast development track

In my opinion, the partnership of Bitcoin Classic with Coinstore marks Bitcoin Classic into a rapid track.There is every reason to believe that after ZB and Coinstore, these cryptocurrency trading platforms, more platforms will actively seek cooperation from the Bitcoin Classic community.

It also means that Bitcoin Classic is on the world stage, where he can use its convenient electronic cash system whenever and anywhere, no matter what region or country the user is in.This is particularly important for an encryption project that is valuable as long as it has enough users.

When more users decide to use Bitcoin Classic to solve payment problems in daily consumption, more and more users are hoarding BGH; in addition, the Bitcoin Classic network due to frequent transaction requirements, which will attract more miners to participate in Bitcoin Classic mining; more mining will mean the increasing value of the hardware equipment on the Bitcoin Classic network.These will multiply Bitcoin Classic’s network value, while BGH prices will keep rising.

BitcoinClassic has stepped into a fast development track

The value of Bitcoin Classic will increase with its coverage. As participants, we should we should give Bitcoin Classic enough time. The growth rate of Bitcoin Classic with network effect after breaking through the critical value is very terrible and is growing exponentially, so it is difficult to give an accurate value to determine the potential of bit classics.If you compare Bitcoin Classic with Bitcoin to it, I think their two future market capitalization should be 1:10, and Bitcoin Classic may grow to 10% of bitcoin’s market value.

Referring to the development of the Internet, we do not know what scale of change and innovation will occur when we liberate currency and value exchange in the digital world.It was not an overnight thing.But don’t miss it.Bitcoin Classic could be the next Amazon or Google in the world.

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