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More research on GLT has been revealed:HPV can be killed by GLT and other components

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More research on GLT has been revealed:HPV can be killed by GLT and other components

April 20
23:16 2021

The research against HPV which conducted in New Zealand has drawn widespread attention from the industry. Auckland University of Technology and its genetic research center conducted research which results in the discovery that HPV can be killed by GLT in synergy with other components.

“One year ago, a natural antibody for HPV called GLT has been found, the process of HPV protease synthesis can be disrupted by which, so as to completely block the division and replication of HPV viruses in the body. better results can be reached while GLT collaborates with multiple components, which has been demonstrated through researches and experiments. It has discovered that these components are bioflavonoids, Vitex, Vitamin B, y-linolenic acid, eNMN+, etc.” One of the researchers from the HPV research group of genetic research center said.

The journalists have learned that these components should be used in improving human immunity and antibacterial practices. The human immune system can be enhanced by bioflavonoids, as well as enhancing the functions of T cells, NK cells and K cells in the body; and PRG can be generated from the ovaries which stimulated by the Vitex in order to balance the human body secretion and improve the healthiness of the uterus; y-linoleic acid, as an antioxidant component, which can prevent the growth and replication of bad cells in human body ; the component eNMN+ has the function of repairing damaged genes and strengthen the body’s immune system.

“Through the joint research between EZZ Life Science and research institutes, it has been found that these components can work effectively with GLT to kill HPV viruses, and shorten the response time of GLT against HPV. It kills HPV and also repairs damaged organism ecology at the same time.” The expert said these findings further shed light on the mechanism of action of GLT, which is important for further research into HPV.

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