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BMAX MaxPad I10: An exhibition of elegance where every impulse is pure excitement

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BMAX MaxPad I10: An exhibition of elegance where every impulse is pure excitement

February 20
09:35 2021

BMAX, a manufacturer of high-quality laptops, mini PCs, recently announced the BMAX MaxPad I10. Ideally suited for home and education applications, the 10.1-inch agile, powerful tablet compatible with multiple network standards that delivers comfortable experience.

Sprint into a New Era

Express exclusivity: Standout Design, Eye-catching

When digital technology presents the world in the form of a tablet computer…

When the user sees it, his/her heart is surging;

When the user touches it, he/she becomes addicted instantly;

This is the first BMAX tablet – MaxPad I10.

Go ahead and bravely break into a new future. In this era of rapid technological change, BMAX always upholds a rigorous working attitude. Like other BMAX products, BMAX MaxPad I10 has an amazing appearance, inspiring fun to use and an extraordinary experience.

The sense of technology is consistent. The present is now. What the user holds in his/her hand is the future.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can lock everyone’s eyes. Space Grey is a customized exterior paint for the case, which reflects its elegant appearance.

The symmetrical appearance, metallic body and narrow bezel make the user love it. It is light and slim and easy to carry.

BMAX MaxPad I10 features an octa-core processor, 4GB of memory, 64GB of storage and a 10.1-inch display. It has an attractive design and high-end configuration to meet the needs of customers in many aspects.

1. 9 mm thin

2. weighs 550 g

3. aluminum alloy body

Rebellious spirit meets kinetic energy.

This processor embodies power and poise at its best, it handles with impressive agility, moving like an unstoppable force. It is born to gallop and burn every drop of instinct.

With the flagship DynamIQ architecture design, the all brand-new octa-core 4G mobile platform UNISOC Tiger T610 rejects mediocrity and experiences true excellence in a cookie-cutter world.

1. 8 Cores, 1.2 x [email protected] + 6 x [email protected]

2. 12 nm Process

3. Flagship DynamIQ architecture design

Dare to dream, dare to conquer.

Dreams are the tinder for dreamers. Conquer is the medal for conquerors. Once dreaming and conquering are combined, the departure is unstoppable. With a frequency of up to 614.4MHz, the Mali-G52 3EE makes gaming and entertainment more comfortable.

1. Frequency up to 614.4MHz

2. GPU architecture is fully upgraded

3. Support 2400×1800 resolution

Evoke a feeling of spacious freedom

BMAX MaxPad I10 has 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage, which is faster and more powerful.

The Micro SD card can support extended storage, bringing the user more space, allowing the user to watch his/her favorite high-definition movies and load his/her wonderful life.

A display that lets the user see wider and brighter.

The simple and compact exterior design and the wider horizon brought by the narrow bezel bring a more ideal 16:10 display ratio to the BMAX MaxPad I10 10.1-inch display, allowing the user to have an immersive entertainment experience. With a resolution of 1920×1080, the IPS panel has beautiful colors and clear display, delicately restoring every wonderful detail, and exquisite videos, pictures, texts and other content jump on the screen, allowing the user to immerse himself/herself in it.

1. IPS Display Panel

2. 1920×1080 Resolution

3. Aspect Ratio of 16:10

Do more things with less gestures. Even the user-oriented controls are designed to engage every sense to the fullest. Wave forward, the user are close to the future.

The touch screen supports 10-point touch control, and the operation is more sensitive. It can be easily dealt with whether in teaching or working.

Newly designed humanized UI based on Android 10, a wonderful experience specially created for the user

BMAX MaxPad I10 uses the Android 10 intelligent AI operating system, which intelligently learns and optimizes daily use applications, predicts loading behavior, further improves the startup and switching speed of applications, and makes the operation of the tablet smoother. The newly designed user-friendly UI, the addition of detailed functions such as reading mode, eye protection mode, and network speed display make the tablet experience even better. The new gesture navigation, dark mode and other functions of the Android 10 smart AI operating system make the use of the tablet more fun.

The octa-core 12nm 4G SoC supports two 4G SIM cards, dual-standby, and VoLTE high-definition voice call, allowing calls and Internet access at the same time for smooth connectivity, allowing 4G networks to be online at high speed throughout the whole using experience. Whether in a noisy party or a quiet street corner, BMAX MaxPad I10 is ready to support the user to stay connected with fun.

1. Multiple Network Standards

2. SIM + Micro SD Card

3. SIM 1 + SIM 2 & Dual Standby

4. VoLTE High-definition Voice Call

Long battery life, long-lasting enjoyment

BMAX MaxPad I10 is equipped with a large-capacity battery up to 6,000 mAh, and the continuous video playback time is up to 6 hours, allowing the user to enjoy his/her favorite hit shows and entertainment programs. Even if the battery is exhausted, its accelerated charging technology can fully charge the battery faster, allowing the user have more time to use.

The Combination of front and rear dual cameras will capture wonderful moments. Every detail is ingenious, even if this detail is just a camera. With smart auto focus, the user can easily capture and record clear images regardless of whether he/she take photos or use a video chat.

1. Front Camera: 2 MP

2. Rear Camera: 5 MP

3. Auto Focus

No matter where the user are, enjoy the moment

BMAX MaxPad I10 supports four satellite navigation systems, including GPS, Beidou, GLONASS and Galileo, and supports A-GPS assisted network positioning to help the user know his/her changing whereabouts and reach his/her destination quickly and accurately.

Voice is heard, loud and clear.

Two speakers create a realistic sound effect. Now the user can feel the stereo carefully crafted by the experts of BMAX Labs.

The dual speakers are located on the top, and the mobile audio technology realizes 3D surround sound by adding top-dimensional sound effects, making the screen scene more lifelike, allowing the user to experience an immersive auditory feast.

Intelligent Network Connection, Anytime

In order to meet the network demand generated by high-definition video, MaxPad I10 is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi. The network connection is high-speed and stable, and the wonderful episodes are uninterrupted. Bluetooth® 5 is a transformative update that significantly increases the range, speed, and broadcast messaging capacity of Bluetooth applications and makes use cases in smart home automation, enterprise, and industrial markets a reality.

There is no shortcut to achieving extraordinary craftsmanship, and good quality is also inseparable from the high attention to detail. BMAX hopes MaxPad I10 will accompany and inspire the user like a close friend.





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