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Clean Product Junkie Now Helps Consumers Choose Trustworthy, Safer Household Products

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Clean Product Junkie Now Helps Consumers Choose Trustworthy, Safer Household Products

December 22
15:40 2020
Supermom and Founder of Clean Product Junkie, Jessica Brennan explains how consumers can take control of their home environment and get rid of falsely advertised products filled with toxins and harmful chemicals.

When she first became a mom, Jessica Brennan wanted nothing less than the safest home for her sons. She wanted products that would never trigger her sons’ asthma and eczema. So she started researching household products, and to her surprise, what she found being sold as organic, was in fact, toxic. After extensive research, she came to a realization that if she truly wanted a chemical-free home for her boys, she had to do it herself.

Now, being the Founder of her own brand that promotes health, wellness, and clean living, Jessica Brennan works one-on-one with consumers to help them choose trustworthy and safe household products. Explaining the motto behind Clean Product Junkie, Jessica states, “We’ve seen it ourselves that allergies, asthma, infertility and cancer have all been on the rise these last few decades despite people having no family histories for such health issues. I’m just one of the consumers who have finally started connecting the dots.”

According to Jessica, the consistent overexposure to toxins through food and household products is a major factor behind the increasing number of diseases. “It’s about time we make a change to our households,” adds Jessica.

Clean Product Junkie, with the efforts of Jessica Brennan and the willingness of people to adapt a toxin-free lifestyle, has helped thousands of consumers over the years. The brand focuses on helping people take control of their exposure to toxins, by identifying and replacing certain products that have known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and skin irritants. Clean Product Junkie explains the importance of digging into the labels to find hidden ingredients and support companies that are being transparent.

According to Jessica, “It’s about doing better and knowing how important it is to make informed decisions.” For more help on adapting a toxin-free lifestyle with Clean Product Junkie, visit their official website now at

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