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Designed for sensitive skin, skin-nourishing Messiss Makeup Remover Water is newly launched

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Designed for sensitive skin, skin-nourishing Messiss Makeup Remover Water is newly launched

December 07
14:00 2020

“Skincare steps are countless. Makeup removal is foremost.” Choosing the appropriate makeup removal products, you can yield twice the result with half the effort. The product can also play a role in nourishing the skin. Meckiss, a British fashion brand, strives to bring forth the new through the old and constantly develops various new products. Recently, in order to satisfy the sensitive skin’ s demand of make-up removal, Meckiss upgraded formula and was integrated with natural plant extracts. Skin-nourishing makeup remover water is newly launched.

Inadequate make-up removal will cause residual pollutants, irritation and oxidation of the skin. Excessive makeup removal may weaken the protective function of skin barrier. Good make-up remover can gently and thoroughly remove facial makeup, dirt and suspended particles in the air pollution. It will not let the skin allergy, irritation or damage the weak acid environment of the skin. However, the skin-nourishing Meckiss Makeup Remover Water can remove makeup with zero residue and zero addition of skin care. That is, no alcohol, no pathogenic bacteria, no pigment, no paraben ester, no mineral oil.

Meckiss Make-up Remover Water can moisturize and repair tired skin in the process of removing make-up. These two effects will play incisively and vividly. It emphasizes “safety, gentleness and individuality”, follows the current hot spots and endows the brand with health-oriented vitality.

For product quality, Meckiss is the executor of improving the products quality. It also adds five skin nourishing ingredients: saccharomyces polypeptides, argireline, viscum album leaf extract, tea extract, and salicornia herbacea extract. Among them, saccharomyces polypeptides can increase cell activity and promote metabolism. The effect is slow, but the safety is high. At the same time, it can stimulate epidermal cell regeneration, increase new collagen, and further improve skin elasticity. According to the experimental data of South Korea, saccharomyces polypeptides can increase the cell regeneration rate by about 34% in 12 groups of experiments.

Beautification has still a long way to go. Without innate advantages, acquired efforts can also point out a bright way for beauty lovers. Exquisitely extracted Meckiss Make-up Remover Water gently touch your skin without a note of horror on sensitivity. Intimate and comfortable, Meckiss Make-up Remover Water is the choice of quality.   

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