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How to Successfully Manage a Team of Remote Employees

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How to Successfully Manage a Team of Remote Employees

July 23
08:15 2020

Managing remote employees is exciting. You get the chance to work with people from all over the world and embrace their culture and how they work.

However, managing a remote team is an entirely different beast than managing in-office employees. This means that things that usually work in the office typically do not work with remote workers, or at least it is not that easily transferable.

If you are managing a remote team, especially for the first time, you have to be equipped with specific skills and bits of knowledge to help you out.

Today, we will explore some of the ways you can make managing your remote team more easily.

Start by Defining Everyone’s Expectations

The first thing you do when you start managing your remote team is to define the expectations you have for everyone clearly. This means that, before doing any work, your employees need to know exactly what you expect them to do. Define all the steps, procedures, and goals you want them to achieve. It would be best if you also defined them how you plan on evaluating their efforts and results.

By doing this, your remote employees will know precisely what is expected of them and how their successes or failures will be measured. This will help them get into work much more relaxed.

Let Your Employees Work on Their Own

To get the most out of your remote employees, you have to let them do their own work. Do not micromanage them as that will only create more stress for both of you. Working on their own will help them feel better about their work. Of course, that does not mean that your employees should be let on their own all the time and run over your essential processes and procedures.

Be Emphatic With Your Employees

Empathy is one of the most crucial characteristics any managers have. However, it is likely more critical for remote managers to be emphatic. Understanding your employees is so essential with remote management that allowing your employees to do their own thing is one of the main benefits of remote work. 

For remote work to be successful, you need to be there for your remote employees and allow them to work on their own things. It would help if you also were understandable about any of their private obligations.

Unlike a more traditional work setting, remote work is usually measured in the output instead of the number of hours spent at the office. If you want to have a healthy remote environment, you need to be there for your employees and understand when they have to shift their focus to their personal needs, even during work hours. Of course, this should not happen regularly.

Measure the Progress of the Work Your Remote Employees Are Doing

Remote work requires a considerable dose of trust. Unlike working in the office, you, as a manager, cannot simply walk over to your employee and check what they are doing. Instead, many remote-only and remote-first companies rely on employee monitoring software to help them do that. 

With employee monitoring software, you can easily monitor the work your remote employees are doing, just as if they were sitting on the desk next to you. Using employee monitoring software, you can quickly check what every one of your employees are doing at any given time. For many employee monitoring software, you can even check what your employees are up to in real-time.


Managing a remote team is fun. And the benefits you can gain from it are considerable. However, managing a remote team right requires a lot of hard work. If you are up to the challenge, make sure you are prepared. 

Start by setting the expectations for everyone. Next, make sure you let your employees do their own thing, but ensure that you are still on top of their work with the help of employee monitoring software. 

And do not forget to be emphatic and to be there for your remote employees. By doing all this, you will ensure that you are managing a remote team that goes smoothly and that you both enjoy your time doing it and help your company achieve more growth.

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