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New Zealand EZZ invents the world’s first meal replacement milk tea

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New Zealand EZZ invents the world’s first meal replacement milk tea

June 24
21:32 2020

Can I lose weight with milk tea? Yes, you heard it right. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the New Zealand Gene Research Center that the New Zealand gene technology brand EZZ has launched the world’s first genetic meal replacement milk tea. It is reported that this latest slimming products, which gathers the world’s top genetic technology, is specially developed for “milk tea buff”. They can drink it without worrying about getting fat, and can easily achieve the effect of slimming.

The most worrying thing about drinking milk tea is getting fat. It is calculated that a cup of milk tea generally has about 4-500 calories. If you want to burn these calories, you need to run for more than an hour. Moreover, milk tea contains extremely high sugar, fat and certain harmful substances. Drinking milk tea for a long time may cause some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Recently, the reporter learned that a milk tea known as “can lose weight” quickly became popular in Australia and New Zealand, where exist the world’s most serious obesity problem. This milk tea continues to sells well and has become the most popular slimming star product in local pharmacies and supermarket