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Games from the future – SP-One super play will probably explode the game market

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Games from the future – SP-One super play will probably explode the game market

April 15
20:00 2020

If the game is closer to life, is it still a game?

In 2018, the movie “Ready player one” gives us a vision of the future of gaming, and it’s not so much the game as the “oasis” of the movie that is most of life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it or not, the plot is simple, a cliche story about a teenager saving the world, but it’s still cool, cool enough to make $1.1 billion at the box office,cool enough to want to share the world with everyone.

Nor is the world perfect, as games are still essentially dominated by one party. But there has been a pretty good degree of decentralization. Distributed data storage, free trading, anonymity, incentive mechanisms and so on have become the shadow of value assets.

One of the great features of value assets is the linkage, both virtual and real, and the uncontrolled will change the production relationship, encourage anyone’s creativity, and think that good creation should be rewarded.

This is where the game is going today, when people have more or less online accounts. Communication software, tools, games, and so on, the development of the Internet and electronic equipment has brought prosperity to the era, the game market has an unprecedented large scale.

The global game market is expected to generate $152.1 billion in revenue in 2019, up 9.6% from a year earlier, according to Newzoo’s ‘Global game market report 2019’. The global gaming market will grow to $196 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 9%. Gaming has become part of every aspect of life, with 2.5 billion gamers playing the game globally, which means that roughly one in three people are gamers.

It’s a big market, and a lot of problems

For a closer example, mobile game king of glory has a daily life of more than 100 million during the Spring Festival, which is almost the same as the entire population of Japan. The skin and runes in the game are actually your assets, but for now, these assets belong to you are not really “belong” to individuals, such as some inappropriate examples, tencent company ran away, the player died, etc., unlikely but still exist.

Taking Steam, currently the largest online game sales platform, for example, a section of the Steam subscriber agreement reads as follows:” Your account, including how it relates to information (e.g., contact information, billing information, account history, subscriptions, etc.) is strictly personal and therefore you cannot sell or transfer the right of others to use your account to assign any subscription other than that expressly permitted in this user agreement.”

This means that a player cannot give Steam to another person without explicit permission, even if you explicitly express this wish before you die.

In addition to the problem of attribution, there are the following problems in the current game industry: 1. The over-centralized institutional control leads to the completely centralized management of algorithms and data, and the playability and creativity are greatly reduced. 2. Opaque disclosure and change. Manufacturers have almost absolute control over the direction of the game and version iteration. 3. Limited liquidity. At present, virtual assets in the game are getting more and more attention from people. Theft, hacker attacks and other attacks make players lose a lot.

In the game world, it may be grudgingly allowed, but in the age of value assets, it is absurd.

Open and transparent information, freely tradable assets, secure distributed storage, good player community autonomy, and tamper-resistant constant data and so on are the unique advantages of value assets, the game on the road become the value of assets, certainly will will bring a great transformation of industry, also waiting for a chance at the same time, the game really into digital assets.

Super one – Link to future hyperplay game platforms

Sp-one,Super one,SparkGame Studio is a series of games based on information and data technology. Already scheduled are super play series: Furnace guild, super play series: Eye of magic, super play series: Legion of knights, and super play series: Empire of glory.

At the beginning of the project, sp-one aimed to make the game assets more valuable, fully integrate the game industry and digital assets, and promote the common development of the two industries.

Of course, a game project is not built overnight, and if there are experienced people to join will be twice the result with half the effort. Sp-one is the first game ecology by SparkGame Studio, and SparkGame Studio by former blizzard entertainment community manager Crithto as the project leader, and the recruitment of a number of former blizzard entertainment, ubisoft entertainment top game designers jointly established. Blizzard and ubisoft are among the top players in the global game market, with similar positions in the game industry and BAT in the Internet. In addition, SparkGame Studio has raised a total of $5 million in cornerstone round funding from Bitgas Capital, BBVA, silicon valley BlockCentury, liberty fund and other prominent investment firms.

The vision of SparkGame Studio [SGS] is to safeguard the first principle of the security of game assets and to realize the security, transparency and value of game assets through technology. In the future, SGS will absorb more excellent technical teams and game development companies, and give higher fairness and value to games.Let the game assets get worldwide recognition, become a form of circulating assets. With such power and context, the Super one ecosystem is set to become the highest star on the global gaming circuit.

The game becomes the way to realize the value asset

Firstly, sp-one assets adopt distributed data statistics, and the assets are constant and cannot be tampered with. At the same time, sp-one will release the operation plan and progress on the official platform in a timely manner, so that the data cannot be tampered with, and at the same time create a level playing field for all players and users.

In addition, the sp-one has unique freedom and mobility that allows all users to participate.In the context of value assets, in-game assets will be recorded in the chain, and all in-game assets, virtual items, etc. will be completely attributed to the player under a string of encrypted data addresses. The player with the address will be the only owner of the asset, whether it is item exchange, or digital asset transaction, can be safely traded in a very short time.

Sp-one USES an improved PBFT consensus algorithm to automate the game. For example, it can dynamically change nodes with the order of magnitude of the transaction network, so as to achieve high efficiency and high throughput. At the same time, it can change the prediction in advance when facing high concurrent data, and increase the resource allocation of the entire network, so that all game players can fully experience the smoothness of the transaction.

Compared with traditional games, sp-one super games have the following characteristics:

Despite this, sp-one is also very developer friendly, which will greatly promote the overall sp-one game ecosystem.

In theory, as games become digital assets, they can not only help people enjoy themselves, but also integrate the values of real life into them for both spiritual and material pleasure. It remains to be seen how the forward-looking sp-one supergame will ignite the gaming market.

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