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Facebook Develops AR Smart Glasses While WIMI Builds an AI Senseless Payment SDK Platform

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Facebook Develops AR Smart Glasses While WIMI Builds an AI Senseless Payment SDK Platform

April 11
13:50 2020


Nowadays, with the development of social civilization, a series of high-tech products, which can also be called black technology, emerge in an endless stream. It not only brings convenience to people’s daily life, but also brings all kinds of surprises and imagination in human brainstorming. Holographic, the word can immediately remind people of the shocking sci-fi blockbuster, as well as the unmatched real-world technology, such as “Resurrection” of the dead singer, let him sing on the stage.

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Facebook is working with Rexottica, the parent company of Leipeng, to develop a smart glasses code named Stella, which is expected to be launched in the next two years. In addition, Facebook is also developing a higher-end AR glasses “Orion”. There was no response from both sides.


In recent years, WIMI, which is more eye-catching in China, focuses on computer vision holographic cloud services. According to the introduction, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) covers many aspects of holographic AR technology, including holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic arsdk payment, 5g holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, holographic AI face change development, and is a holographic cloud integrated technology solution provider.

The holographic cloud platform built by WIMI focuses on five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is a content providing method of augmented reality, which allows you to see and interact with the three-dimensional image of objects that do not exist in reality and the real world. Through the projection device, the image on the mobile phone or computer is projected onto other media. The most commercial value of WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is holographic technology. Holographic technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology of recording and reproducing the real three-dimensional image of an object by using the principles of interference and diffraction. It is a kind of three-dimensional imaging technology that can get all the information of an object by interference of coherent light. What holographic technology records is not image, but light field. Wide application scenarios and high growth of the industry.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) AI-MBT WIMI holographic cloud platform is a high-performance WIMI holographic cloud management platform developed by the company. It is mainly used to provide three service systems for enterprises, groups, organizations or individuals: ar3d applications & holographic entertainment, ar3d applications & holographic advertising and ar3d applications & holographic technology services. According to different applicable scenarios, cloud platforms are divided into to B to C, which have some differences in function and feature support. To B mainly provides holographic virtual content and technical support services for advertising, cinema, home decoration, catering, entertainment, entertainment and other companies. The application of to C terminal mainly provides WIMI holographic cloud ai-mbtnsdk and its plug-ins, which are used in mobile photography and app applications to provide various personal value-added services. In the future, it can also be used in AR / virtual reality / smart glasses, DLP (digital light processing) is put into retina, SDK plug-ins and smart billing system are available.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) advertising provides customers with two business models: customized application development and platform distribution.

1. Customized 3D AR holographic advertising development

For example, with Coca Cola and Starbucks, users only need to open the WIMI holographic cloud to provide the SDK manufacturer’s app, and aim at the specially made Coca Cola bottle to display the music player. Combining products with music, interesting interactive content embodies full creativity. AR advertising can start from creative thinking, fully emancipate the senses of participants, so that participants can freely interact with their favorite content. WIMI ar holographic advertising is more like introducing products to consumers in the game.

2. Platform 3dar holographic advertising distribution

WIMI micro beauty holographic cloud network platform advertising, in the form of advertising display to provide a rich and flexible form of display, advertising for all-round exposure. Display interactive, interesting and exposure effect is better than traditional Internet advertising forms, to meet the creative needs of advertisers. WIMI 3dar holographic advertising mostly shows the content of games or stories to consumers. On special products, WIMI holographic cloud advertising focuses more on the product or service itself, showing the characteristics of the product or the process of the service to consumers through WIMI 3dar holographic technology, so WIMI holographic cloud advertising can attract specific consumer groups. Case: IKEA has applied WIMI holographic cloud technology to home purchase. Customers can import furniture holographic materials into the empty space with handheld devices through AR lens DIY home style. This process can fully meet the personalized needs of consumers for home furnishings. In addition, the actual users are generally potential users, with the purchasing power of matching products. Another example is WIMI 3dar holographic advertising in the game category. Perfect world has invested in large screen interactive dressing game during ChinaJoy exhibition. Players in perfect world can simulate dressing according to their own preferences. Here, the target customer of the perfect world is the perfect gamer, and in WIMI 3dar holographic advertising experience, non gamers or other gamers generally do not participate in this process.

In addition, the WIMI micro beauty holographic cloud has set up a brand protection mechanism for the media side. Combined with the powerful analysis and processing function of the DMP data platform of ai-bmt, the media platform can realize the optimal utilization of its own advertising resources. At the same time, according to their own needs, the media platform can set up a platform to shield the unwanted advertising content and related advertisers, so as to achieve effective protection of their own brand. It reduces the risk of media platform joining in media management service, ensures the safety of brand advertising, and realizes the virtuous circle of business model.

At present, the advertising of WIMI is only limited to the interaction between human and environment, human and equipment. With the development and application of new technology, human interaction will become a part of WIMI 3dar holographic advertising interaction. At present, Mr devices integrating AR and virtual reality have been born, which means that people in the future may meet in the game world, so as to produce more interactive content. Therefore, interactive upgrading is an inevitable development trend. Realize the effective interaction between people.

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