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Ether Community – From the global blockchain financial community game created by members of the dark web

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Ether Community – From the global blockchain financial community game created by members of the dark web

December 16
21:25 2019

In recent years, with the continuous development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the types and influence of global cryptocurrencies have increased day by day, attracting more and more investors to enter the cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrency quantitative funds and quantitative teams (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Crypto funds”) have also emerged, both in quantity and in asset management scale, showing an explosive trend.

Although the cryptocurrency industry is developing rapidly, it is undeniable that the industry is still in its early stages, lack of regulation, and lack of standardization, leading to many problems faced by the industry. For example, the asymmetry of industry information and the decentralization of resources of crypto funds, traders and investors , It is difficult to match; for example, the quantitative transaction data is missing, and the authenticity is insufficient, the reliability is poor, it is difficult to verify the data source and the accuracy of the data, and it is impossible to gain the trust of investors. In addition, the credit risk has always plagued the industry and crypto funds The phenomenon of investors running away from funds also happens from time to time. If these problems are not solved, they will greatly hinder the healthy development of the cryptocurrency industry.

In this regard, we believe that the global cryptocurrency industry urgently needs a neutral, authoritative and trusted cryptocurrency quantitative transaction data and investment and financing service platform to gather the three-way strength of crypto funds, traders and investors to jointly solve the difficulty of matching three-party resources and data. Pain points such as lack of authenticity, lack of transparency, and poor transparency help the three parties to achieve a win-win situation while promoting the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, a blockchain technology geek team composed of members of the former Dark Web launched the “Ether Community”.


The Ethere Community is an exclusive community game for cryptocurrency investors. In this community, the core idea stems from the problems of traditional Internet community applications: community users have made great contributions to the community, but they have not been able to obtain a valid proof of contribution And the corresponding returns. This is obviously not reasonable. With the development and popularity of the blockchain, we have reason to believe that the issue of a blockchain token can solve this problem very well. The Ether Community is a trusted community autonomous organization based on Proof of Contribution (POC). Through a set of open and transparent certification rules, the blockchain technology is used to record the contributions of all participants. Give rewards to all participants. This will effectively motivate community users to contribute their power to the maximum extent and participate in the ecological construction of the platform.

With the continuous development and maturity of the platform, the Ethere Community will have rich content and massive amounts of real and credible transaction data, which can meet the needs of all parties in the community, and each role in the community will benefit from contributions. Gain the benefits that deserve them. This will ultimately achieve our vision: a multi-win, trustworthy community-autonomous organization.

The Ether Community is about to launch, looking forward to your participation!

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