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German JOHN HANCOCK Debuted at the Second China International Import Expo in Shanghai With Its Slimming Water Cup

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German JOHN HANCOCK Debuted at the Second China International Import Expo in Shanghai With Its Slimming Water Cup

November 08
22:40 2019

Drinking water to lose weight is becoming a reality from the fantastic talk. A few days ago, the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai opened at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. JOHN HANCOCK, a German technology brand that has attracted widespread attention for its successful promotion of drinking water to lose weight in China, took part in the exhibition with its Weight Loss Broken Cup. On November 5, R & D personnel from Germany recreated the magic experiment of “water dissolves oil” in the second Shanghai CIIE, causing the audience to marvel. The magical power of an ancient ore from the German Alps, has successfully triggered widespread attention from global merchants.

On November 5, in the CIIE site located in the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, the booth of J&H’s German Weight Loss Broken Cup was crowded with businessmen from all over the world. In the center of the booth, a researcher from Germany holding two transparent paper cups, was doing an experiment on the spot. The crowd erupted with exclamations from time to time, “It’s amazing. The ordinary pure water poured out from the cup can actually dissolve the grease after pouring into the cup!”

The reporter learned that the experimenters conducted two experiments on the spot with the Broken Cup. The first was an antioxidant experiment. When iodine, a strong oxidant, encountered vitamin C, a redox reaction occurred, and the color of the water in the cup became transparent and clear from reddish brown. While after the iodine was added to the water in the Broken Cup, the water quality became clear instantly, showing that the water in the Broken Cup has the same strong antioxidant properties as vitamin C, which can improve the oxidizing ability of the body, delay aging, and keep the skin radiant. The second was an grease experiment. Pour vegetable oil into two separate cups, then add purified water and the water from the Broken Cup, and mix evenly respectively. Then it is found that the water and oil in the cup with purified water was layered, while the water and oil in the cup with the water from the Broken Cup dissolved into one, presenting the emulsification reaction. It can be seen that the water in the Broken Cup is unique and has super seepage force, which can speed up metabolism and remove toxic substances.

A long, young and handsome man shared his experience on the spot as a beneficiary of the Broken Cup. He took out a photo of himself when he weighed 110 kilograms, which was almost a different person than he is now. “I can’t lose weight through diet and exercise, because if I don’t eat a meal, I will be so hungry that I feel dizzy. And sports for a person over 110 kilograms, is also a very heavy burden, and my body can’t load it.” He said, “after during water from the Broken Cup, I lost 15 kilograms in two months, and then I got thinner and have the current stature. I am very grateful for this magical cup, which has made my life better.”

The field “black technology” experiments of the Broken Cup and the sharing by personal experience aroused the great interest of the young fashionistas on the spot. Many people taking the on-the-spot translators, kept asking the German researchers why ordinary water could have such an obvious anti-aging and weight loss effect after pouring into this cup?

The experimenter said that the development inspiration of this cup originated in Bavaria, Germany. While there is no difference between eating habits and natural conditions, girls in this area are in far better shape than the rest of the country, and this strange phenomenon attracted the attention of scientists. After a long period of research, the team of scientists found that the secret that Bavaria is rich in beautiful women is that the people here are drinking water from the springs in the south of the Albis Mountains all year round. The water here is broken down into small groups of molecules by a peculiar ancient ore (Alps Ore). When this ore-magnetized water enters bodies, it can continuously release magnesium ions, oxygen ions and alkalescence trace elements, which can help decompose toxins in the intestines and bodies, creating an antioxidant effect and making the skin bright and radiant.

In addition, as this reactive water has strong seepage force, it can strengthen the metabolic capability of bodies, clean blood vessel wall, dissolve grease, and even recuperate hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, profiting greatly to human health. Later, a German university worked with the scientific research team of JOHNHANCOCK, and after eight years of research and development, they designed the intelligent Broken Cup by combining this ancient ore with German precision production process perfectly, allowing people suffering from obesity all over the world to enjoy the amazing and easy weight loss experience brought by the ancient ore of Alps.

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