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Jiang’an Creative Design Festival Opened – Present the Creative Design City on the Left Bank of Yangtze River to the World

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Jiang’an Creative Design Festival Opened – Present the Creative Design City on the Left Bank of Yangtze River to the World

November 07
20:30 2019
Correspondents: Sun Wei, Liu Pei and Wu Hui

On November 1, 2019, Wuhan Design Day and the 5th Wuhan Design Biennale opened at the former site of Pinghe Packaging Factory in Jiang’an District.  As the main venue of the activity, Jiang’an District officially launched the global opening week on the left bank of the Yangtze river for the 4th of the Jiang’an Creative Design Festival.  Media personnel of well-known domestic city party newspapers, foreign media, creative design masters, experts and professors gathered here to appreciate the unique historical and cultural features, experience the charm of creative design, and present this creative design city on the left bank of the Yangtze River to the world.

Creative design industry is one of the most promising industries, and it is also an important part of the 4+1 industrial structure in Jiang’an District.  In recent years, Jiang’an District has seized the opportunity of Wuhan being selected as the “design capital” and chosen the core section of the Yangtze River main axis to build a top-notch creative design city, making the central region in China and internationally renowned. Jiang’an District has also established a good cooperation relationship with the French Saint-Étienne Design Alliance and the Wuhan Engineering Design Industry Alliance. Academicians and design experts from the United States, Israel, France, Mexico and Spain have been employed as consultants in Jiang’an District for their wisdom, these people exert their professional strength and participate in the planning and construction of the creative design city on the left bank of the Yangtze River.

The creative design city on the left bank of the Yangtze River is surrounded by Jiefang Avenue, Wuhan Avenue, Yiyuan Road and Yanjiang Road.  This area is a show window for the culture, ecological features, development achievements and urban civilization of the Yangtze River. It is also an important carrier which helps Wuhan’s “design capital” design industry to enter the international arena.  The creative design city on the left bank of the Yangtze river has rapid growth. It has landed several well-known joint office space operation service enterprises such as Aliyun innovation center, attracting a few enterprise organizations and high-end creative design talents such as YYeTs Video Content Production Base, Daguan Zicheng International Space Design, Grace•H Jewelry Design, E. Z. life aesthetics design, etc.  Several bright spots along the river are interconnected. The innovative industrial development zone along the river has developed in depth, forming a unique ecological circle of creative design, providing more carrier space for the introduction of creative enterprises in engineering design.

On the same day, the old factory buildings, old Lifen and old street district in Jiang’an District became the focus of domestic and foreign media attention.  At the former site of Pinghe Packaging Factory, everyone learned about this historic building that has existed more than a hundred years. Pinghe Packaging Factory was founded in 1905 and is the most complete existing early industrial building in Wuhan.  Jiang’an District was restored to its original appearance to the greatest extent during the renovation process.  Nowadays, many cultural, artistic, creative and technological enterprises have entered one after another, rejuvenating the century-old buildings.  The protection and reuse project of Qingdao Road Pinghe Packaging Factory in Jiang’an District won the UNESCO 2019 Asia-Pacific cultural heritage protection honor award.

Starting from Pinghe Packaging Factory, everyone walked several hundred meters to old Lifen Tongxing Lane in Hankou. The style of the times flowed from brick to brick while everyone walking in the unique residential buildings.  After getting out of old Lifen and people came to Lihuangpi Road, Hankou’s Most Beautiful Pedestrian Street.  On this 604-meter-long road, gothic and rococo-style historical buildings stand along the street, completed with museums, exhibition halls, cafes, personalized catering, etc.  This year, Jiang’an District fully explored the characteristics of the block and held the first Lihuangpi Road Coffee Music Festival to build the block into an attractive block integrating creativity, fashion, publishing, display and consumption.

Later, everyone came to Jiqing Folk Street.  This ordinary street has a total length of only a few hundred meters, where food culture and folk culture meet, it has become the best place to appreciate Wuhan’s urban customs.  The novel “Life Show” published by the famous contemporary writer Chi Li has made Jiqing Folk Street famous all over the world.  At present, Jiqing Street has been renovated and upgraded and expanded into a tourist characteristic block that has restored the “model district” buildings of old Hankou in the 1920s. It is home to old and famous shops such as Laotong City and Cai Linji, as well as more than 30 “small and beautiful” street snacks. It has set up a market for non-heritage culture and traditional handicraft folk culture to create a large stage for the common people.

“People can not only feel the historical features of old Hankou, but also see the integration of creativity into all aspects of the city’s development. Historical culture and fashion vitality blend with each other, making people intoxicated and linger.”  One of the media person sighed with emotions.

On the day of the activity, Jiang’an District also released for the first time a series of creative design products of “National Fashion and Jiang’an Fashion”. All kinds of original design clothing, literary creation products, internet celebrity maps, etc. incorporating Jiang’an elements were unveiled in a stunning fashion.  It is understood that the series of products released in this activity are jointly created by professional designers in the Jiang’an District. The inspiration came from the architecture, history, humanities, culture, etc. of Jiang’an District, presenting the profound cultural details and creative design potential of the district.

It is reported that on November 8, Jiang’an District will also hold a creative fair show and a live online broadcast festival at the former site of Pinghe Packaging Factory. Creative works and live online will be used to tell the story of Jiang’an’s creative design so that creativity can enter the life of ordinary citizens.

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