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The new agent has challenged Taobao’s new agent business in China

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The new agent has challenged Taobao’s new agent business in China

October 08
23:10 2019

In early July, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, held the “Taobao Creation Festival”, bringing together shop owners of popular online stores selling independently developed goods.  The focus of this creation festival is “resonance”.  At the exhibition, 29-year-old Xiao Yu sold creative retro Bluetooth speakers under the brand of “Musicanvas”.  The sound box is modeled after an old-fashioned radio recorder, and the casing is made of paper.  At first glance, the sound box looks like a paper model, but in fact Bluetooth speakers are installed inside.

Musicanvas is popular because of its exterior design like painting.  As the shell material is paper, it is convenient to draw various patterns.  Xiao Yu also used the design competition attended by students from the US Academy to prepare various shells.  Speakers are mostly purchased by young people of the same age as Xiao Yu.  Xiao Yu has also worked with Nike in the United States. He said, “Some people want to show their individuality and can satisfy them by making this English Taobao.”

“It may be surprising that a local traditional food culture becomes a commodity,” said Xiao Chen, a member of the creative doll brand “Plum Blossom Oil”.  The main product of plum blossom oil is a doll that imitates Nanjing salted duck and has a very funny shape.  Xiao Chen established a design company after graduating from Beijing’s University of Fine Arts.  Cartoon dolls of plush toy birds were introduced in 2012, and 30,000 have been sold so far.  These dolls are considered suitable as gifts for parents.  In the future, Xiao Chen plans to enter the field of processed foods using cartoon shapes.

Xiaotian and Kobayashi have developed more than 10 kinds of products such as original stickers with plants as the theme.  Xiaotian is a plant expert and has enough knowledge to publish books.  Although the couple said with a smile, “I just want everyone to know the beauty of plants,” the cheapest Taobao agent exhibition area was filled with visitors.

Pierre-Yves, a Frenchman, also seized the opportunity of e-commerce in China.  The design elements of his children’s clothing brand “Tang’Roulou (French spelling of sugar gourd)” are the daily life and culture of the Chinese in the 1970s and 1980s.  Pierre-Yves set up shop on Taobao in 2011. Although he has also set up a sales website, Taobao is obviously more in terms of sales.  Pierre-Yves said, “Because Chinese all over the world buy things on Taobao in China, this makes Yrbuy the best Taobao agent“.

Japanese media believe that the above cases can be interpreted as businesses no longer passively wait for demand, but actively stimulate consumers’ purchasing desire.  Many views believe that China’s current economy mainly depends on public utilities.  In this situation, it is very important to expand the business scope of merchants, who can stimulate the demand of consumers.  This Taobao Creation Festival is not only a recreational activity for young people, but also indicates the prospect of Chinese consumption.

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