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Soaring Rates of Veggies, Petrol and Diesel All Set to Pinch Customers’ Pocket

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Soaring Rates of Veggies, Petrol and Diesel All Set to Pinch Customers’ Pocket

July 01
11:51 2014

Vegetable PricesNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 1 – Inflating prices of vegetables and fuel seem to take inflation up in the coming months. People are the unable to find any respite from increase in the prices of common vegetables like potato, tomato, onions, lady finger, eddoe, brinjal, cauliflower and bitter gourd that are now going to make people shell out more than the normal price, what they used to pay a couple of weeks ago.

If truth be told a lot of buyers are choosing to leave these veggies at the vendor’s place only and planning to search other alternatives, which are relatively affordable, to tickle their taste buds. On account of surge in random rise in the rates of vegetables & fruits, the inflation is likely to ascend. It has been just a week when the masses had to pay extra sums for commuting from one stations to the others as rail fare has been taken up by 14.2 percent effective June 25.

Later on, the shock was given through gain in sugar. Even though government tried to give mild relief to the common man by not lifting up the rates of LPG cylinders and kerosene, but the big question is here – what new people are going to find under Narendra Modi’s rule that will be different from UPA governance sometime ago!

Customers are forced to think twice whether to buy onions and potatoes or not. Being the chief kitchen staples, it is not possible for them to prepare food and retain its taste. They haven’t forgotten the severe attack of inflation last year that was observed during late September to October, the time when onions were sold for even Rs. 100 per kilo! With the augmenting cost of vegetables, they are under the threat of price rise once again.

Rising fuel rates are likely to hit the final nail in the coffin. Since cost of petrol has been hiked by Rs 1.69 per litre, while diesel by Rs 0.50, the price of several other items, which are being transported from one place to the other via goods carrier vehicles, are anticipated to take a toll. The augmentation in fuel is due to the violence in war-torn Iraq. The impact of fighting has taken petrol’s cost beyond Rs. 80 in some cities that is surely going to pinch customers’ pocket.

As per a few market analysts, delay in monsoon is one of the prime reasons for considerable increase in the rates of vegetables. The rates of onions have gone up from Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 in the national capital, potato from Rs. 20 to Rs. 25, cauliflower from Rs. 40 se Rs. 60. This hike in vegetable rates per kilo is compelling citizens to cut down on quantity. By the end of June, more that a few states witnessed up to 40 percent less rainfall but weatherman predicts good monsoon in the first week of new month that may probably put a ceiling on inflation soon.

Good showers are probable to improve cultivation, which will make buyers see fresh stock of onions and other veggies soon in the market. Hoarding is another issue that resulted in the shortage of various vegetables from past so many days. However, action against hoarders may improve the current situation of the market to some extent.

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