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Say a Big No to Loud Music to Stay Healthy for Decades to Come

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Say a Big No to Loud Music to Stay Healthy for Decades to Come

July 15
15:17 2014

loud musicNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 15 – Trends to lead a life changed has a lot. A few years ago, people loved to hear soulful music. However, if current situation is to be stated then the songs that are pleasant on ears are being replaced by peppy numbers, which are heard at high volume.

If recent study is to be trusted then loud music may ruin hearing capacity of the masses. Situation might be a bit more troublesome for those who have developed habit of spending several hours in listening to the same. It can do even more than damaging hearing ability. The loud music lovers are likely to face the problem of pneumothorax, which takes place at a time when air seeps into the gap between chest and lungs.

Loud sound is also responsible for increasing no. of cases that report about people getting irritated even on smaller issues. It has been observed amongst teenagers that when someone stops them from playing music at the maximum volume, they get annoyed and feel as if the stranger or family member is trying to enter in their personal zone. However, there is no truth in that. In fact, people try to let them get familiar with the consequences what they are likely to face if continue doing the same for a longtime, the study revealed further.

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