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Reuse Waste Materials to Protect Environment and Innovate Mind-Boggling Decorative Pieces

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Reuse Waste Materials to Protect Environment and Innovate Mind-Boggling Decorative Pieces

April 17
17:30 2014

waste materialNew Delhi, Thursday, April 17 – Is your store room full of garbage due to the presence of waste or unused materials? If pat reply comes as yes, then here’s the solution. Every home has some objects that can be reused without any problem for instance glass jars, containers, plastic pouches, wrapping papers, books, newspapers, broken jewellery, beverages cans etc.

The best way to utilize papers is to wrap gifts of varied sizes. In the current fashion, newspaper wraps rock. A unique attraction can be added by sticking a pendant what one easily finds in an old ornament. Same stuffs are ideal for covering up toiletries for guests, especially at a time when marriage or engagement celebrations are in progress.

Use cellophane paper as piping bags that are useful during decoration of cakes and pastries. The appropriate way of using old jars is to convert them into a showpiece by putting old coins and other artistic articles. Rather than buying normal foils, pay money for recycled aluminum foil that is reusable for more than a few occasions. Cold drink cans should be used as pencil or pen stand, which looks astounding when some visible stickers are stuck.

Life is a blessing. It is the core responsibility of each human being to keep his surroundings clean and hygienic. Instead of throwing water bottles in the dustbin, creative thinkers can made portable night lamps. Another side of printed emails and useful documents should be stitched all together, to make a rough copy for the kids. Use your intelligence and be a responsible resident who knows how to covert waste stuffs into a totally new & functional ones.

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