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Rape Cases Intensify Fear amongst the Girls and Family

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Rape Cases Intensify Fear amongst the Girls and Family

July 22
12:22 2014

rape1New Delhi, Tuesday, July 22 – The toll of crime cases has made a lot of people to live their life in the midst of fear. There is no stopping for rape incidents, which have made women, school goers and teenagers stay always alert. It is shocking to see how a few insensitive people make entire men community to stand in a state of doubt and disbelief all the time by molesting and raping young and old ladies.

If the current situation is to be stated then it is not easy for a woman to trust blindly on the known and unknown male friends or colleges even when it is too much necessary to take their assistance. Despite the fact that all men are not ill-minded and have huge respect for the other gender, they fail to give rise to feeling of trust and belief amongst the women with whom they study or work along.

A recent rape case a Bengaluru school shook countrymen. The alleged rape of a 6-year-old girl in her school premises ignited anger. Nearly thousands of parents gathered to protest against such shameful incident, which worried them over safety of their tiny tots. Beside this, ‘Nirbhaya’-like rape and murder of a lady in Lucknow is adequate enough to tell that situation of women is not going to improve in India no matter in which city or district they live, study or work.

Insensitive statements by a few leaders over sexual assault in the past made thing worst and hit final nail in the coffin. Same sort of remarks are likely to continue in the near future as well since people sitting at eminent designations seem totally unaware about impact of the stuffs they say. ‘Even God cannot stop rape’, said the Uttar Pradesh Governor Aziz Qureshi a day ago. Isn’t their responsibility to react wisely and think before speaking? Rape is not only a horrible encounter for the girls who are trapped by relatives or strangers, but also a life ruining episode.

In more than a few cases, bail was granted to rape accused instantly or after short span of time. Hundreds of rape files remain pending in the trial courts that let rapists and molesters to be at large. The only one who suffers the entire trauma of rape from the day 1 up till her last is no one else other than the victim. Perhaps the time has come when strict laws should be made against rapes. Instead of closing eyes to crime, schools and all the organizations should act in response. If any such offense is done any of their employee(s) then cops must be informed without any delay. Negligence can give birth to several other incidents. Severe punishment must be given to the offenders so that strict message gets automatically delivered in the society.

It is natural that parents turn more careful towards their kids taking into consideration such cases, but rather than asking them to stay indoors, they should be motivated to learn self defense. Safety of children must be ensured at educational institutes so that they can undergo indispensable study program for which they took admission and not for experiencing the fear of rape or molestation.

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