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Monsoon Reaches National Capital; Gives Mild Relief to Delhiites from Scorching Heat

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Monsoon Reaches National Capital; Gives Mild Relief to Delhiites from Scorching Heat

July 04
17:07 2014

rain3New Delhi, Friday, July 4 – Delhi witnessed its first monsoon rainfall on Thursday that brought down temperature to some extent. Although residents of Delhi-NCR regions enjoyed slight shower a couple of days ago as well, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy their thirsty souls. They all were hoping to get relief from horrendous heat that was only possible from rainfall, which could have lasted for more than a few hours and it happened in the same way yesterday.

Partly cloudy sky since early morning gave indication that keenly awaited monsoon is all set to hit the national capital. However, people weren’t sure that downpour will come earlier than July 7 as weathermen predicted it to arrive next week. Adding greenery to the city and taking the serenity up, rainfall was welcomed by school going kids, office goers and all the residents. Despite facing a bit trouble on the water logged streets, locals chose to come out of their houses and enjoy the rain. The view near India gate, Red Fort and other places was something to mesmerize as massive gathering proved how long they have been waiting for the monsoon.

If latest reports are to be trusted then same sort of scenario may repeat in the coming days as well as there is a possibility of light downpour during the weekend. People may wake up to cloudy mornings in the next week but temperature is expected to stay between 39 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius. Beside this, humidity may increase that may irritate the masses as sticky summers may further lead to skin dryness and itchiness.

Climate in other states has also dipped a tad. Slight drizzle in various cities of Uttar Pradesh made the mercury to get down. Here is to mention that schools in Lucknow have been closed up till July 7 in the wake of high temperature. Many other cities that are reeling under heat wave are likely to get respite within short span of time.

Everyone is hoping for good monsoon as delay in rainfall has already taken the inflation up. Buyers are left with no option other than to pay extra sums for getting a kilo of onions, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. Precipitation may give halt to such things as good production will improve the situation in both wholesale and retail markets. Fresh stock is expected to hit the market soon. As of now, farmers are keeping their fingers crossed.

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