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Mob Happy with Rail Budget 2014; Waits for Quick Fulfillment of Bullet Train Proposal

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Mob Happy with Rail Budget 2014; Waits for Quick Fulfillment of Bullet Train Proposal

July 09
13:58 2014

rail ministerNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 9 – The keenly awaited Rail Budget 2014 was presented on Tuesday by new railway minister Sadananda Gowda. In the midst of higher hopes and expectations of the common mob, the first rail budget of Modi Government was put forward.

Mumbai and Ahmedabad route would be the first track where rail users are probable to get the joy of journeying by bullet train, even though more than a couple of years may be spent to turn this proposal into reality. Beside this, speed of several crucial trains running between major stations will be also increased. Quality of food will be improved since ready-to-eat meals of popular brands will be served in the running trains. If this is implemented within short span of time then there is a possibility of witnessing lesser complains regarding the items made in trains’ pantry cars.

A lot of passengers seemed contented with this budget as they see immense probabilities of an improvement in and around railway stations and in the working phenomenon of the railway department. Those who kill most of their precious time in booking e-tickets may not have to face the same situation as e-ticketing system will be advanced. Installation of CCTV camera will be done to keep an eye on cleanliness activities on stations. The recorded footage will help railway employees to monitor the work of the cleaning staffs who are hired to keep platforms absolutely neat and clean.

Rail budget was welcomed even by the passengers who love to travel at religious places. The information about train connectivity to Char Dham – Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameshwaram – spread broad smile on their faces as devotees can now think of having an easy escape from indescribable troubles what they face to reach at holy shrines and temples. The elderly populace got delighted to know about battery operated cars sooner in stations that will lend a hand to them to board their trains without climbing stairs.

On one hand, the masses appeared thrilled over rail budget, while on the other hand, Congressmen got violent calling it as ‘pro-rich’. They even protested outside the house of rail minister and broke his nameplate as well. Seeing the mixed results of lately proclaimed budget, the government is sharpening its tools to bring promises into practice as soon as possible since it is likely to boost revenue of the Indian railways and facilitate commuters in the best possible ways . Newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi also praised maiden railway budget mentioning it ‘futuristic and growth-oriented’.

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