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Lukewarm Milk and Foot Massage With Mustard Oil Essential for Sound Sleep

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Lukewarm Milk and Foot Massage With Mustard Oil Essential for Sound Sleep

April 28
17:08 2014

milkNew Delhi, Monday, April 28 – Have you been restless for several nights and facing lots of problems being an insomniac? If pat reply comes as yes, then you have come at the right place and the news can be good for you. A recent study revealed the secret of sound sleep, which is possible simply though one glass of lukewarm milk at night followed by an appropriate foot massage that relieves pain from stressed veins, providing comfort to entire body.

People face a lot of difficulties when they are too much tired, creating hindrance for a sound sleep. Several health experts advise the mob to have an appropriate sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours. Lack of sleep gives rise to innumerable health issues which may turn problematic in the long term if an appropriate medical treatment is not given instantly.

The main causes behind less sleeping may be excessive pressures on professional and personal fronts, untimely access of social networking sites and conversations on phones during the odd hours. If you have just deduced about your insufficient hours for snoozing, then it is better to have a keen watch over your routine and eating habits before visiting a family doctor.

Milk has essential properties and one must consume it everyday. The best time to have it during the bedtime. Instead of complicating the problem of inadequate sleep, always look for a solution that is easy to follow. A five minute legs and feet massage doesn’t demand anything other than the mustard oil. One must develop a habit of caring himself for the reason that health is wealth.

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