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Lok Sabha Elections: High Voter Turnout Points to a Considerable Change in the Near Future

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Lok Sabha Elections: High Voter Turnout Points to a Considerable Change in the Near Future

April 18
15:38 2014

voteNew Delhi, Friday, April 18 – The fifth round of polling was amazing to observe as voters looked excited while exercising their rights to vote. The higher voter turnout in poll bound regions sheds light on one crucial point that now, the mob is up to elect a government that can lend a hand in several aspects by opening ways to various jobs in different sectors, facilitating cities with indispensable development activities, reducing inflated rates of household goods and making education fees a tad more affordable for majority of parents.

Elections in Bihar, Odisha, Maharasthra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Manipur and various districts of Uttar Pradesh like Pilibhit, Rampur, Sambhal, Shahjahanpur, Nagina, Aonla, Amroha, Badaun & Bareilly were important in all aspects. The key thing to notice was long queues in a number of polling booths, which implied voters are going to make every single vote count. As compared to 2009 elections, scenario has changed a lot more in past five years.

Each man seems extremely wretched with corruption in different segments. Sky-high buildings collapse just because builders did not use quality construction materials that are required to cement them for generations to come. Children have to travel long distance on foot for the reason that contractors failed to build even roads, so that vehicles can have a smooth run. Parents are bound to give high donation just because of the fact that schools have created their individual criteria for giving admissions to their kids. Issues are too many to jot down like lack of water supply up to appropriate litres, poor power supply, worst means of transportation in rural areas and no profitable steps for farmers to increase crop growth.

The mega face-off of democracy is heading on the correct path and this is visible by record percentage of voting a day ago in aforementioned states. The youngsters are loving to have an ink mark on their fingers. The enthusiasm of casting ballots among first time voters can’t be expressed in words. Participation of women while voting was commendable as well since it symbolizes that they are not just interested in doing their domestic chores properly, but also ready to accomplish their social responsibilities.

A wave during this year’s election is apparent after observing high turnout in all the phases till now. In order to decide the fate of 121 Lok Sabha constituencies, 116 million out of 192 million voters pressed desired buttons on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). With 5th phase of polls coming to an end, it would be curious to watch what would be the percentage of voting during rest of the four phases, which have been scheduled to take place on April 24 & 30 and May 7 & 12.

Nota is an interesting button on the EVM this year that is a symbol of a ‘protest vote’. Though it is likely to have mild bearing on the final judgment, yet it has made voters to show their anger of not electing any party members, who were seen just during the election period. There are several areas in India that direly need basic developments and this must be taken in consideration while taking part in an election.

Why our hearts do not bleed after finding tiny tots on the street begging for money and food? People must keep all smaller points in mind before electing a candidate from their zones. His potency to introduce and implement useful plans for the sake of healthy and educated society should be considered. Believe in the power of voting because on the election day, each common man is equivalent to a VIP, or say, stands even a tad up.

If views of the crowd are to be stated, then Bharatiya Janata Party may stand apart as compared to Indian National Congress, Samajwadi Party and Aam Aadmi Party. All doubts and uncertainties will be at the bay on May 16, the D- day for all political parties as result of 2014 elections will be out on the date.

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