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Keep Stress Far Away to Stay Healthy Till Your Last Breath

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Keep Stress Far Away to Stay Healthy Till Your Last Breath

July 07
12:45 2014

stressNew Delhi, Monday, July 7 – Nothing can be better than a stress free life. Each one of us dreams of living life in his own ways and there is nothing wrong in that. However, it is a bitter truth that only a few gets to do so and others are left with no option other than to be ruled by their parents or guardians’ instructions. Taking a birth as a human is a blessing by the Almighty but it is sad to see people waste their lives without making best use of the opportunities and live a burdensome life.

If a latest study is to be believed then almost 70 percent of the total populace isn’t able to find a way out from the troublesome situations they have created for themselves. This is simply because of the fact that they are satisfied with the consoling responses what they receive from friends, kin and colleagues after pondering their issues over a cup of tea or during the lunch breaks.

Despite the fact that people have to face several challenges in life to be forward amid crowd, it is their approach that makes them stand out. Extra work pressure, family issues, increasing responsibilities, problems in marriage and so on create strain every now and then in the life of each human being up till the time he is alive. The real victor is someone who tackles these troubles with a calm mind. Getting furious over minor concerns worsens the situation, soaring pressure in distinct manners that couldn’t be called reasonable.

Maintaining good strength and healthiness for a long time is the mantra for a blissful life. Those who succumb to the problems easily without fighting get depressed even at a very young age that is not ideal for the country’s growth as children and youngsters are the future of every country. To create physically and mentally strong lineup of young squad, it is extremely imperative for their elders to let them know how to fight stress in case desired goals or things aren’t achieved.

Every age has its own advantages and disadvantages. Increasing cases of divorce has not only made the couples tensed, but also took their families into extreme sadness. Worry alone gives rise surprisingly to several diseases for instance unbearable migraine headaches, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, anxiety, hair loss, dry mouth, insulin resistance, attacks due to extreme panic, chronic cough, pimples, allergic rhinitis, obesity, muscle twinges, sty, psychotic disorders, heart attack, head and neck cancer, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, dissociative identity disorder, sleep paralysis, bruxism, dystonia, irritable bowel syndrome etc. It may make people smoke and drink that further deteriorate situation.

Meditation, exercise, morning walk, balanced diet and cheerful attitude are some of the effective measures that will help your body fight stress in numerous ways. The act of laughing will be a cherry on top. Those who are unable to beat tension should socialize. It is better to turn up on birthday or marriage parties instead of sending warm wishes though emails or social networking sites. Inhabitants must learn the art of dealing patiently with the constant worry if they wish to lead a happy life till their last breath, the study added further.

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