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It’s Time for Tomato to Disturb Kitchen Budget!

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It’s Time for Tomato to Disturb Kitchen Budget!

July 23
14:33 2014

tomatoNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 23 – July is about to end but still situation in the kitchen is not improved as of now. The period of July to September is considered ideal for buying different vegetables and innovate new dishes for the reason that seasonal items during this season are a bit inexpensive as compared to other months. However, picture is a little bit different this time as soaring rates of commonly used veggies are restricting people to buy several kilos of onions, potato and tomato in one go.

Rates of the earlier two veggies have already upset household budgets, but now it is time for the last one to pinch customers’ pocket. Monsoon up till now hasn’t been so good in the country that resulted in shortage of these vegetables. Scarcity has made prices to be skyrocketed. There is a close relation between demand and supply and at the present, demand for tomato is up as like always but supply is less. This is the reason why people are left with no option other than to shell out Rs 60 to Rs 80 for a kg of tomato.

Many among them are trying their best to cut down on quantity but it is not a long-term solution. Delhiites are bearing the brunt of inflation. Rates of finest quality and fresh tomato in both retail and wholesale markets have gone up by Rs 10 to Rs 20, letting consumers mull over different substitutes of the veggie through which color and taste of various dishes can be retained. The painful rises in the costs of vegetables are enough to make people compromise over the taste. Middle-class families and the poor are hit harder by the unexpected increase as they spend the lion’s share of their earnings on foodstuffs. Prices of capsicum, cauliflowers, bottle gourd etc. are also likely to be augmented in the coming weeks if rain up to a required percent is not witnessed soon.

Sending kitchen budgets in a tizzy, the task of meeting daily expenses is getting difficult for the Delhi people. Despite the fact that the government has strongly refused from time to time about any shortage of vegetables in the national capital, it is the common man who is facing the real trouble whenever he goes to the market to buy required amount of veggies. Potato that was costing nearly Rs 20 per kilogram in several regions are now sold at Rs. 40 to 45. If these are the condition of the common vegetables that are used in huge quantity in almost every household, then it is easy to recognize how the managers of the homes are keeping a balance between flavor and available resources. However, as per the latest reports, things will improve almost immediately as fresh stocks are to arrive early August.

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