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Inflation Pinches Consumers’ Pocket; People Look for a Quick Relief Post Monsoon Rains

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Inflation Pinches Consumers’ Pocket; People Look for a Quick Relief Post Monsoon Rains

July 09
13:11 2014

onions 3New Delhi, Wednesday, July 9 – To lead a stress free life doesn’t seem probable for the inhabitants thanks to rising rates of fruits and common vegetables. The food inflation has made them more than worried as they are unable to find out the accurate measures to fight with attack of rising rates.

India is a country where people belonging to different classes reside and manage their home budgets as per salary they get after the end of every month. Problems are though not too much for the higher class population post inflation, but it is the middle and lower classes that are hit hard every now and then. At the present, onions are sold at around Rs 35 to Rs 40 per kg. A few vendors are selling it at inexpensive rates, however, the quality is so poor that none wants to pay even a penny for getting the veggie – which is imperative for adding deliciousness into the texture of the gravy dishes. Onion shortage in the market is difficult to understand as reports of best-ever harvest recently came into the limelight.

Beside onions, tomatoes (sold at a price of Rs 40) and potatoes (sold at Rs 30 per kg) are also pinching pocket of the masses. Forget about the rates of brinjal, bottle gourd, lady finger, Chinese okra, eddoe, capsicum, mushrooms! These can be said lying slightly beyond consumers’ comfortable zone when purchased in good amount. In a scenario where it is not easy for a number of buyers to buy sufficient amount of common vegetables, they look forward for the other substitutes. Rain was supposed to put a lid on the inflating rates of several domestic goods by improving the growth in the farms, nonetheless, no clear picture regarding the same is visible as of now.

Cost of milk per litre has also gone up. Full cream milk of renowned brands is sold at Rs 48 per litre from May onwards. The augmented rates are a sign to be anxious especially for the customers, who do not have any source of purchasing milk other than to get the packets available in the general stores. Households having small kids face huge difficulty in managing their budgets as uncontrolled rates of milk kept pressure of Re 1 to Rs 2 every litre almost after three to four months. Story of swelling prices doesn’t end up here.

As soon as the inflation goes up, costs of various other items like sugar, cooking oil, pulses, a variety of rice and grains also get a boost, creating lots of troubles for the common man and putting them in a state of confusion what all to pick and what not too. Soaring prices are a worrying point for the common man and they are keenly keeping an eye over the promise of ‘good days’ by Modi government. If recent reports from close sources are to be trusted then situation may be improved a little bit soon the moment new stock of onions and other veggies hit in the markets post monsoon rains. Customers are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the time when they would be able to feed their hungry stomachs, without compromising on the nutrition factor and the quantity.

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