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Improve Command over English to Discover Best Career Opportunities

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Improve Command over English to Discover Best Career Opportunities

July 23
11:57 2014

englishNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 23 – Door of several renowned companies are open for the candidates who have good command over English and salary is not a constraint for them if they have the ability to articulate words in a constructive manner and jot down the points in a way that is easy to understand by the others. Though a lot of people would like to express their views here by mentioning advantages of Hindi and regional languages, but still importance of English wouldn’t be faded away.

On a topic of English vs. Hindi, people can spend enormous time in debating the stuff. And most among them will try to put forward points in favor of the latter one, mentioning that nearly 70 percent of the total population speak Hindi in India and have great command over mother tongue.  No doubt, knowledge of Hindi is imperative and it can’t be ignored at any cost but is it worth to waste time talking about plus and minus of English. Those who haven’t read in English medium schools definitely face problem when questions are asked in English during a number of exams. However, one can’t have an easy escape from it just by saying that concerned departments must give a thought about giving preference to Hindi over English.

If a current situation in the jobs sector is to be mentioned then employers prefer hiring the people who have good communication skills instead of those who don’t. It is simply because of the fact that more than a few employees of multi-national companies are given opportunity to go abroad for some projects. If one is not able to give a proper presentation and fumbles then name of his organization is not considered perfect for future projects. This is the reason why several rounds of interviews are conducted to appoint the best person among the talented ones. Every language has its own significance. If a person can hold expertise in more than one language then what’s the harm! In fact, it is gonna give better results in the future. His career will get a much needed boost and he could earn handsome salary every month.

Those who want to opt for a profession in journalism, technical & non-technical writing, editing, teaching and translation should not miss the opportunity to learn entire basics of English. There are eminent institutes that offer courses like B.A or M.A in English, M. Phil in English, Ph.D in English and Literature, creative writing and so on. It is totally upon you to realize what goals you have set for proceeding further in life and take admission in any of the courses according to your interest and eligibility criteria. Why language be a barrier for a booming career? Read newspapers and magazines to enhance your knowledge over the same and stand out amid the crowd by intelligently answering the questions asked by HR people during interview sessions. All the best!

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