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Ignoring Tooth and Gum Problem? Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

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Ignoring Tooth and Gum Problem? Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

April 14
11:07 2014

toothNew Delhi, Monday, April 14 – Nearly 5 out of 10 people are suffering from tooth and gum problem these days. Changed food habits are the key cause behind this issue, which has made a lot of populace to undergo untimely pain.

Almost a decade ago, eating habits were perfectly fine as compared to the current scenario. At the present, teenagers, adults and even grown-ups are heavily inclined towards fast food for instance pizza, burger, noodles, cold drinks & beverages and French fries. All these foodstuffs might taste good but have several drawbacks, especially when it comes to easy digestion.

Fast foods generally comprise self raising flour, which creates more than a few troubles for our digestive system. 2 percent of the items get stuck into our gums and teeth, giving rise to bleeding, soreness, pain, paleness, sensation and so on.

People with sensitive tooth are compelled to maintain an indispensable distance from ice-creams and cold & hot water. Even though doctors recommend effective toothpastes for sensitive tooth, yet patients complain about no permanent aid. An instant relief from pastes might be a little bit helpful, however, if you are suffering from tooth sensation, then it is the right time to wake up before it gets too late.

Rather than focusing on doctors’ prescriptions every time, it is advised to follow some of the rigorous home remedies that could bring surprising effect, eradicating all sorts of tooth twinge and discomfort. Use lukewarm water for brushing your teeth. Make sure you are doing the same at least twice a day.

If you see bleeding gums over and over again, then do not ignore it for the reason that this problem can alone give birth to more than a few incurable diseases of mouth. After brushing your teeth properly, use mustard oil for massaging them. Without a doubt, a regular usage will provide magical and longtime relief. Lime juice shows unmatched properties for the same problem. Try to follow aforementioned steps as a minimum of two days in a week.

Desired whitening of the teeth can be obtained as soon as one rubs fresh lemon juice with a pinch of salt and baking soda. It removes plaque, making them white in color – which symbolizes healthiness. A mix of turmeric, clove powder and sea salt is also good for the health of tooth and gum. Develop a regular routine of applying and massaging your teeth with aforementioned homemade paste, which will add shine to them – leaving them absolutely fit & fine.

A healthy smile is adequate to let others know what’s your lifestyle exactly is. Instead of munching unhealthy eatables, it would be great to include some of the fruits in your diet that are rich in vital nutrients and vitamins. In any case, one must eat two fruits everyday keeping in mind that nutrition factor, which is effective in removing flaws from teeth as well as gums.

If you find a blood spot while having apple, guava or soft bananas, then consult your doctor as soon as possible and get gentle dental care. A long-term ignorance can further lead to mouth cancer that may turn lethal in several cases. So, take a good care of yourself and show off a brighter smile.

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