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Healthy Food Habits Help the Mob to Keep Illness at Bay

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Healthy Food Habits Help the Mob to Keep Illness at Bay

July 30
13:42 2014

food chartNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 30 – Every human being dreams of leading a healthy life and want to enjoy it at the fullest. However, only a few get success in doing so as several others fall ill during changing season that is due to bad eating habits (in more than a few cases).

At the present, a number of patients have thronged city hospitals after coming under the attack of season flu, viral fever, cold & cough and sore throats. Witnessing several patient in different health centres, doctors find most of them having poor immunity and lacking nutrition that are imperative for fighting with different sorts of illness.

Since people enjoy munching foodstuffs that are sold in open stalls or items that can be prepared in a couple of minutes, it is not possible for them to give body required nourishment. Fast food, which comprises refined flour as a key ingredient, may worsen up the situation for the reason that it takes long time to digest.

People must include seasonal fruits, crops, dairy products etc. to boost immune system. Inclusion of some herbs like thyme, marjoram, mint, rosemary, cilantro, chives, basil & bay leaves, oregano, etc. can keep several diseases far away, they added further.

Some simple and easy tricks can also lend a hand in making people stay healthy throughout the year. Use of a tasty mixture, which is prepared from cloves, cardamom, black pepper, dried ginger and Tulsi leaves, while preparing tea will not only let you have a tasty sip, but also make you avoid chest congestion.

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