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Hair Care in Rainy Season Imperative to Retain Luster of Silky Locks

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Hair Care in Rainy Season Imperative to Retain Luster of Silky Locks

July 16
13:09 2014

hair in rainNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 16 – Just like our skin, hair also need a bit of nourishment. Be it boys or girls, shiny and strong hair is what everyone wants for the reason that it enhances the beauty of a person in unmatched manners and sometimes becomes his/her unique identification symbol. A lady with gorgeous long locks automatically gets an unforgettable name from his friends and colleagues. If truth be told, people must take care of their hair quality if they really want to flaunt its prettiness for several decades to come.

In India, people face a lot of hair related issues as compared to the population of the other countries due to changing weather conditions here. They have to pay a little bit extra attention for hair care as summer season leaves it sweaty, winter causes dandruff & dryness and monsoon rains make it look sticky. Winter season is still far and this is why people must seek out information that lets them know how to have attractive locks when extreme humidity and precipitation are leaving no stone unturned to ruin their ravishing beauty.

If you are facing same sort of issues then it is best time to search for remedies to keep your hair lustrous, glossy, and full of bounce. A few ingredients from your kitchen may lend a hand to add shine to the hair right from the scalp up till the length. A homemade pack of avocado & honey, apple cider vinegar & a few drops of lemon, curd with a pinch of crushed black pepper, carrot mask or banana & honey etc. can show magical effect on all sorts of hair. However, one should always be conscious of lemon properties while applying it. People with dry and frizzy hair should avoid using it. Lemon is best for oily hair.

Hair massage with olive oil, coconut oil, almond and amla hair oil is as imperative during July to September as like any other season. Several inhabitants ignore oil during the heavy downpour. However, use of oil followed by a relaxing scalp massage is crucial for proper blood circulation, which further gives strength to the hair. If one does not want to keep their hair oily overnight, then it is better to oil a few hours prior to hair wash session. The key point while doing so is to knead the scalp softly. A rough massage and inexpert techniques may end up with falling hair, which is not good for the health of tresses.

Be more inclined to natural nourishment instead of trying several shampoos and conditioners that are easily available in the market in both bottles and sachets. Repairing of damaged hair turns indispensable when spilt ends, which may be caused due to excessive heat generated by hair appliances and improper care, are spoiling your entire appearance. It would be great if you choose trimming over other possible options.

Rather than tying the locks too tightly for a longtime, let them breathe fresh air. If you love showing off your hair exquisiteness, then do not go for hair straightening, coloring, or perming frequently as this can lead to hair loss in the future. At one point of time, just say yes to only one of them. It would be even better if you do not take any other treatment for almost a year. After shampooing hair, use a spoon of vinegar for the final rinse. This will surely add shine to the curls. Stay away from spicy & oily food and eat as much as fresh you can. Follow these steps and enjoy the rain without any fear.

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