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Get Rid of Selfies Addiction on Social Media Platforms to Lead a Better Life

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Get Rid of Selfies Addiction on Social Media Platforms to Lead a Better Life

April 21
16:34 2014

selfiesNew Delhi, Monday, April 21 – Are you a person who is inclined to click so many of selfies in a day and keep on posting the same on social networking sites? If pat reply comes as yes, then it is a wake cup call for you.

Millions of photographs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram prove that people love to take selfies in countless numbers, to keep everyone updated what they are exactly up to. Worst is to see inhabitants uploading pictures while taking a gym session, cooking food, taking a walk early morning, playing with pets, while driving, pretending to be asleep and boarding planes.

The self-portrait photographs though look good, but it is hard to comprehend why everyone wants to make each and every moment public on the social media. In the technology world, it is really difficult for the mob to keep a few things private and absolutely personal!

There is a thin line when it comes to capturing oneself through digital or mobile camera. Avoid being carried away with self pictures, its better to be focused over the core profession, which would give fame, prosperity and fruitful results in the future. A recent study has confirmed that significant numbers of populace spend several hours on social platforms in place of accomplishing quality work.

The major drawback of posting drunken and cute selfies is to receive threatening and unwanted messages on your personal account.  Beside this, it might bully your status for future employment. Lend a hand to make social media a better platform to share things rather than flooding it with pictures that do not look pleasant. It is better to be a responsible internet surfer and make your timeline a place that could be admired by any other user.

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