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Focus on Goal Makes People Stand Out Amid the Crowd, Says Study

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Focus on Goal Makes People Stand Out Amid the Crowd, Says Study

July 30
13:01 2014

goalsNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 30 – Parents always instruct their children to chase their dreams and do the things what they want to achieve in life. And now, a recent study proved that goals are achieved a bit earlier by those people who pay all their attention at a single objective as compared to those who don’t and distribute their focus in more than a few areas to be at the top.

Focused work plays imperative role in making people taste success at an early age. If any task is completed without concentration then mind fails to recall important points what he had learned earlier. Whether one dreams of being at the desired designation in a renowned company or want to be a successful sportsperson, attentiveness is vital at each point of time.

Mentioning a simple example, the study said that a few children forget mathematics sums when they go to the higher classes while some of them hold expertise over it. This is because of the way they have got to know the essence. Those who studied it just for the sake of getting average marks in the exams weren’t able to remember correct formulas, whereas students who fed every minor point in their mind were able to solve difficult problems without facing any trouble.

Every child must be brought up in a manner that he could try to grasp as many as knowledge he can during his learning phase. A correct guidance may lend him a hand to stand out in the midst of several other competitors and touch new peaks of success in the future. Children must be told about the actual purpose of studying and playing so that it can be easy for them to choose ideal career as per their interest. Lack of concentration may worsen the things so it is crucial to accomplish all the jobs with extreme dedication and enthusiasm, the research revealed further.

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