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Educate Illiterates to Make India’s Future Bright

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Educate Illiterates to Make India’s Future Bright

July 03
15:45 2014

educationNew Delhi, Thursday, July 3 – Knowledge is power. A person without education is like a boat without a sailor. As boat is left with no any option other than to move in the direction of stream, illiterates wander here and there in search of a secure future but did not get a hand to hold that can show them a ray of hope in dark.

Compulsory education must be given to all children so that they can be educated to the extent from where they can think about their wellbeing and differentiate between right & wrong. If every citizen does something beyond his limit and try to educate at least one person, ratio of educated people in India would go automatically up.

Fees of educational institutes have gone up with each passing year. Even though there are a few schools that give free education to the students, however, it is a bitter truth that the teaching standards stand nowhere in comparison to the private schools. Poor class families feel burdened for paying even feasible amounts in the name of school fee every month. They can’t be blamed for everything that’s happening in their lives. In the midst of inflation, which has made rates of domestic goods and veggies up, when it is not easy for middle-class populace to have easy survival, situation of people below poverty line can easily be comprehended.

Everyone is sent on the planet with some purpose, but it is unfortunate to see several human beings are bound to lead an aimless life. Despite several strict policies against child labor, a number of children aging between 8 and 13 years can be seen serving water and cleaning kitchen stations & tables in smaller food joints as well as restaurants.

Not only this, most of them are employed at home to take care of their owners’ kids and accomplish household chores. Why don’t our hearts bleed while instructing them to finish off their work on the dot and that too, without any mistake! Instead of employing them at home, wouldn’t it be better to ask your maid to send her children to earn basic education from you? One may consider it a free fund service, but what’s wrong if you are doing things for a right cause. In fact, retired people can do social work by educating a batch of underprivileged, who are not even able to give manage food for the day. With the help of locals, funds can be collected and utilized in the welfare of unfortunate people.

Try it for once. The immense happiness what one gets in sharing his knowledge with others would be more than what he feels after splurging to organize a birthday party. Let us all take a step ahead and do a tad extra from our responsibilities. Educate illiterates and impart your duty as a real citizen by lending a hand to the inhabitants in need. Small efforts can only made India shine and stand out amid different other countries, which do not give emphasis to edification.

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