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Delayed Monsoon Add to Mob’s Worries; Humidity Makes Life Worse

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Delayed Monsoon Add to Mob’s Worries; Humidity Makes Life Worse

July 17
10:33 2014

summer in DelhiNew Delhi, Thursday, July 17 – More than a few people in India are salaried employees and a considerable number is dependant on the daily wages. Delayed monsoon are causing more problems for the latter one for the reason that such inhabitants are unable to search for the option, which can give them the opportunity to have undisturbed sleep at the end of the day due to no coolers or even fans!

From time to time, weathermen forecasted about the possibility of early monsoon in the first week of July and after July 14. But most of the times, rain occurred either a bit before or later. Though the national capital witnessed unexpected showers last week only, however, it wasn’t adequate to let people heave a sigh of relief from heat and humidity for a long time. Proclamations about thunderstorm were also made by weather experts a few days ago, yet there is no solid sign of heavy downpour in the city and NCR regions.

Monsoon rains are imperative for the ideal production of a number of vegetables, season fruits and crops, but a sluggish pace of precipitation has made rates of tomatoes, onions etc. to go up. If same situation remains for a bit long then no one knows rates of these veggies will go far ahead of the buyers’ reach. People have already cut down on the quantity and are trying to manage their domestic needs in smaller amount. Nonetheless, slight or inadequate showers are adding to their worries given that they aren’t able to fill their hungry stomachs in lack of sufficient food and nutrition.

The percentage of humidity has increased in past few days and worsened skin allergies and itchiness. As per the latest available reports, day may be partly cloudy today and there is a sign of slight rainfall. News is not good for the masses seeking information over instant respite from moisture, which is probable to be 70 percent on Thursday. Some mild relief might be observed on Friday as there has been strong indication of rainfall that is expected to last for several hours.

Health experts guide residents to be a tad more careful towards their eating habit and instruct to maintain personal hygiene in the season. Food items sold in open areas and stalls shouldn’t be taken in as these could be contaminated. Those who are facing indigestion and burning sensation in the food pipe should opt for boiled water for drinking, the added further.

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