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Crime against Women Rises; Girls Hunt for Safe Place to Reside

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Crime against Women Rises; Girls Hunt for Safe Place to Reside

April 29
18:35 2014

rapeNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 29 – Crime against women is touching new marks each new day. From kids to teenaged girls and from young ladies of early twenties and the old aged fellows, women of different age groups confront a situation where they receive derogatory remarks from strangers in public places.

Young boys and even matured men aren’t hesitant in assaulting women on more than a few occasions. Things are getting worse with each passing day, making women to walk attentively on the roads and have an eagle eye on all the odd happenings in their surroundings.

Just a couple of days ago five inebriated naval officers were taken into custody in Mumbai for molesting a banker, who was present with her husband and a friend, in a pub. Similar sorts of cases are quite common these days. Girls who come to unknown cities for pursuing their studies and chasing their goals hunt for safer places to reside.

With the ongoing polls, people anticipate emergence of a good government that could give a pause over such activities and lend a hand in making their country an appropriately safe & secure to live in. It would be interesting to watch how new party turns things in favor of the ladies who don’t feel protected being outside or at their homes.

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