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Children Incline More towards Laptop and Video Games than Outdoor Sports

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Children Incline More towards Laptop and Video Games than Outdoor Sports

July 28
13:32 2014

children laptopNew Delhi, Monday, July 28 – Changing trend in the society may be giving an idea to the people that the general public is on the way to adopt modernity with each passing year, but actual picture may be a tad disturbing for the readers. As per recent reports, small kids and teenagers are opting for mobile, laptop and video games instead of going outside with their sports kit to enjoy outdoor games. Since sports are directly and indirectly related with their ideal growth, it plays pivotal role in making a child attain strength, health and height.

Mentioning the ill-effects of huge inclination over techno tools, the study highlighted change in parents’ attitude as well. It mentioned that in place of restricting kids not to get glued with mobile or laptop screens for a long span of time, they themselves actively participate in the games and set new scores by crossing different levels. Several couples admitted of being lenient towards their children when they stubbornly ask for their gadgets to enjoy a number of games. Not only this, it was a bit surprising to see most of them waiting outside cyber cafes for their turn to play popular downloaded games. It is mostly done by the children who do not have personal computers at their homes.

A number of points jotted down in the research seemed actually correct as it is now least shocking to watch 3 to 4 year old tots asking for mobile phones to play Angry Birds, Crazy Gems, Road Racer 3D and so on. Picture is needed to be changed in next to no time otherwise people should be ready to see its aftermath. If children are not motivated to participate in school sports and games like basketball, running, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis, cricket, badminton etc. then days are no far when children, who are considered future of every nation, will be short in height and have poor vision. Since outdoor games build muscle and indoor games lend a hand to enhance their memory power, parent must plan regimen and regular activities for them.

Letting the child know much about technology before appropriate age may not be good for his growth as well for the reason that it becomes difficult for guardians to stop him from early use of internet. Before things get out of control, both father and mother must try to be up to speed. Correct guidance to the growing kids can give fruitful result in the long term as they can represent India in national and international level of competition, the study revealed further.

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