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Children Get Obsessed of Technology; Extreme Tech Savvy Nature Creating Problems for Parents

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Children Get Obsessed of Technology; Extreme Tech Savvy Nature Creating Problems for Parents

April 16
12:57 2014

gadget1New Delhi, Wednesday, April 16 – Did you also notice the change in the behavior of today’s children, who are more inclined towards mobile phones, video and play station games than energy boosting sports? Changing attitude of the kids is turning out to be biggest problem for the parents all over the world as they are unable to stop them from getting more used to technology tools.

If a recent study is to be believed, then children like playing online games rather than getting out of their comfort zone to play outdoor games. This attitude has given rise to several problems related with their health as well. As compared to the children born after 2000, kids born 4 to 5 years ago are chubby, obese and inactive. They find home tasks and even having fun with sports like badminton, jumping, cricket and running very difficult.

In the free time, they love having long conversations with their family members, especially grandfather and grand mom. If couples want their child not to be overweight and tedious, then it is better to take right actions before it is too late. Don’t let your toddlers operate mobile phones, tablets or phablets of their own as they might be endangered by harmful radiations. Divert their minds in the constructive region, which could welcome them with open arms to grasp creative things and knowledge. Painting, constructing amazing structures via building blocks and drawing are some of the areas which can fill new energy in them.

If truth be told, there are some of the ideal parents in the society who are motivating their kids to hone cooking skills in a smaller age, taking all rigorous safety measures. Arrange a snack party of your kid’s friends and ask them to prepare plain potato chaat. Provide them boiled veggies and let them sprinkle salt and other seasonings as per their tastes. If such steps will be followed on a regular basis, then you can see surprising change in your child’s routine.

Put gadgets in switch off mode when you do not need to use it late at night. Before stopping your baby from going through various mobile phone games, keep yourself restricted for not doing the same. Let them learn amazing things, which is only possible when you guide them correctly. All the best!

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