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Buyers Leave Vegetables in Market Thanks to Skyrocketing Rates

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Buyers Leave Vegetables in Market Thanks to Skyrocketing Rates

July 30
10:39 2014

vege newNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 30 – Price of vegetables are getting out of customers’ reach with every passing day. With tomatoes priced in the range of Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kg, potatoes at Rs 30 to 35 per kilogram and onions at Rs 40, it seems as if inflation in India will take some time to come down. But till then buyers will have to spend the lion’s share to meet their family demand.

Usually, aforementioned veggies are considered common ones as those who can’t afford buying a variety of items to savor distinct taste in their regular lives depend on tomato, potato and onion. However, if accurate picture of the things happening at the present is to be drawn then managing home budget in an appropriate manner is turning out to be the most difficult task for the homemakers and breadwinners.

A couple of weeks ago, people started to bear the burnt of price rise. And at this stage, expecting coriander leaves and some green chillies free of cost is something that is considered strange by the retail and wholesale vendors. People wouldn’t have anticipated such a vast increase at least under the rule of Modi government, which took the ‘Centre’ stage around two months ago proclaiming about bringing good days.

Slight relief might be visible during middle of August, but big question here is this how people should make themselves ready to fight with inflation. It is difficult for them to shell out hefty sums every now and then in order to purchase veggies and fruits in the desired amount. A number of buyers mention about compromising on the quantity as it is not possible for them to buy several kilos of vegetables and retain the original flavor of different cuisines. Leaders sitting at the top kept saying that they have apt plans to tackle inflation but if current rates are taken into consideration then all such declarations seem nothing more than the statements to keep situation under control.

Costs of products soared from time to time and previous government failed more than a few times to put a ceiling on them. Onions hit a century last October that made middle and lower class people prepare their food without it. Story is likely to be same for next few days as well despite having BJP-led NDA in the rule. Earlier, hoardings and black marketing were held responsible for such a humongous rise in the rates of tomatoes, which were sold at Rs 25 to Rs 30 per kilo a few days ago, and now, less production due to poor monsoon is considered a prime reason for the increase.  Consumers are left with no option other than to leave them in the market only and buy such veggies that can be prepared without it. Being one of the main staples of every household, it is not easy for customers to plan their menu right from the beginning but still this has to be done in order to keep unnecessary worries at the bay.

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