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Beware of Health Issues Caused by Excessive TV Viewing, Says Study

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Beware of Health Issues Caused by Excessive TV Viewing, Says Study

July 29
12:29 2014

TV ViewingNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 29 – Are you one of the people who always loves to get glued with television screens in free time? Would you keep yourself in the category of heavy TV viewers? If pat reply for both the questions is given in a ‘yes’ then you need to wake up soon and be watchful towards health if you haven’t been doing the same from a long time.

If a recent research is to be trusted then people who spend a number of hours just to follow what all is going on in different serials may not be as healthy and mindful as compared to those who plan their day constructively and avoid watching TV when not necessary. Despite the fact that invention of TV has brought constructive change in the life of several people by enhancing their knowledge through informative programs, which show amazing facts, excessive watching of the same can’t be praised.

If actuality is to be jotted down then children, homemakers and even elderly people love to sit for long hours in front of TV screens to watch how story of various daily soaps is progressing. Instead of stopping kids from watching cartoons for more than a couple of hours, parents try to know about new cartoon characters. This change in behavior makes children get the idea that animation films serve real entertainment and they suddenly turn on TV sets as soon as they return to home after school hours.

Highlighting the health hazards, the study revealed about increase in the risk of heart related problems & diabetes, insomnia, loss of focus, obesity, asthma, poor mental development, strain in eyes that might lead to poor vision in the near future and severe headache. Since people do not want to miss the real action shown in serials and films, there is a huge possibility of noticing aggressive behavior in growing kids.

People must engage themselves in social interactions and try to host get-together parties every weekend in order to socialize. Rather than motivating teenagers to watch games on TV, ask them to play their favorite sports with their friends. This will build their strength and allow their bones to grow in an ideal manner. More than a few heavy TV viewers practice mindless eating while watching different television shows, they put on weight that becomes too difficult to shed. If outdoor and indoor games are played then it keep both mind and body active and full of energy, the research cited further.

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