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Be Sweat Free in Sticky Summers to Look Fresh Despite Hectic Schedule

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Be Sweat Free in Sticky Summers to Look Fresh Despite Hectic Schedule

July 15
12:52 2014

sweatingNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 15 – For a number of people it is not easy to stay fresh throughout the entire day. Whether one comes out of his house to accomplish multiple office and home tasks or stay indoors to complete domestic chores, sticky summer spoil his look. The discomfort caused by sweat is indescribable for them and their problems increase as soon as percentage of humidity rises.

If current situation in various parts of India is to be cited then the masses are left with no option other than to wipe sweat with tissues in order to keep it clean and glowing. However, the level of complexity mounts when rashes on face and other body parts are observed due to continuous use of tissue papers or the handkerchiefs. It is not even possible for everyone to stay inside air conditioned halls or rooms. Coolers turn ineffective during humid environment as it increases moisture in the space, causing huge uneasiness.

To get rid of the sweat and clamminess, one should try to bath at least twice a day. Use of fragrant powders can also be helpful. Various shopping zones are flooded with innumerable options in this regard and it is up to the users what fragrance they would prefer over others to be in full of aroma. Several powders are available having lavender, tea tree oil, sandal, melon, citrus, melon and aloe vera element in major percent. Go for the talcum powders that can fight with prickly heat and soothe skin with desired cooling property. Regular usage will keep you energetic as several researches in the past proved that mind refreshing scents fill unmatched energy in body and allow people to work with much focus and concentration.

To beat sweating disorders, a number of home remedies can be brought into use too. Consuming a cup of tomato juice on a daily basis can show magical effects. End up your day by drinking a glass of water. All things considered, people should actually sip 8 to 10 litres of water in a day. Grapes should be effective to fight with sweat as well. A few drops of lemon in the water, which is to be used for bathing purpose, are extremely useful for removing bad odor. Mix well some grated potato and cucumber, along with honey and a spoon of rose water. Apply it on the body and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes until dry. Wash the pack properly and get ready to see a magical glow on your face, hands and legs.

Apart from these solutions, say no to spicy food and eat freshly prepared cuisines. Instead of putting on fitted denims, trousers or leggings, pick salwar suits, loose fitting shirts or tees and allow your body to breathe rightly. As per recent reports available from weatherman, humidity will remain in the surrounding notwithstanding monsoon rains. In such scenario, self care becomes vital as negligence can cause itchiness and other sorts of infection on the skin. So be careful and be all set to face the attack of sultry and moist weather.

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