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Be Close to Nature to Re-Energize Yourself and Fill Positivity in Mind

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Be Close to Nature to Re-Energize Yourself and Fill Positivity in Mind

July 01
14:26 2014

villageNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 1 – In the midst of fast life and tiresome household and office chores, people have lost the peace of mind somewhere. Right from early morning till late at night, they are just busy in accomplishing assigned tasks. In order to be perfect in all contexts, walk shoulder to shoulder with the colleagues and be updated with all the latest happenings of the world, maximum hours are spent by the employees. No joy with family and no time to sit alone with a calm mind in any way.

If a study is to be believed, in the race of earning more money than the others, people aren’t hesitant of giving 12 to 13 hours a day at their work places. Though handsome salary is imperative for leading a good life, along with needed facilities, but it can’t buy happiness what they may get being in the company of their family members and friends. Instead of calling get-together parties at home during the weekends, people enjoy having a chat on Facebook and other social networking sites. It seems as if everyone is trying to show off a fake smile. The bitter truth is this – residents want to stay in their comfort zone and do not want to get disturbed by their kin’s visit every month.

Such sort of change in thinking process is because of the restlessness of mind, body and soul. People have so gone tired with the daily tasks that they search for the mental peace whenever find free time. Best solution is to plan a small trip to a place that is blessed with natural beauty. ‘Trees, waterfalls and mountains have the capability to automatically take away from stress and refill new energy in the human body’, the study mentioned further.

If this is true to some extent then why not to take a small break from work and go close to the nature! If one isn’t able to get a week or 10-day leave, a trip can also be planned at ancestor’s village. India is one of the beautiful countries that is also rich in cultural heritage. An outing to a rural place will let him know about the developments going in different parts of the nation. Beside this, he may even get the chance to lend a hand to the locals, who are not educated enough to think for the betterment of their futures and do not have any option other than to live with fewer facilities.

Since plantation of trees, shrubs and herbs in villages or smaller towns is larger as compared to the metropolitan cities, people will get the opportunity to stay far away from pollution and beeping sounds of the vehicles, which give birth to irritation and anger feelings. Rather than taking an elevator to reach your home, which is creatively been constructed in striking skyscraping residential buildings that house several condominiums and apartments, it would be better to walk on the streets, which take a person at the doorstep of their granny’s home. The immense joy what one receives after reaching there will fill up unending power in the body that would be enough to bring his focusing capability back. There are indescribable advantages of building connection with nature and one shouldn’t lose any chance of being at a place, which has scenic beauty, the research explained further.

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