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Auto Sales Not ‘Up to the Mark’; Are People Getting Environment Friendly?

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Auto Sales Not ‘Up to the Mark’; Are People Getting Environment Friendly?

April 17
15:40 2014

carsNew Delhi, Thursday, April 17 – The auto industry is facing a tad tough time from past few months. The slump in car sales have raised signs to worry as manufacturers are confused what steps should be taken that could attract buyers once again towards classy automobiles.

The falls in the sales of four wheelers might turn problematic for the employees in the coming days as employers may cut jobs. If reports are true then disappointing results of the current time may claim 2 lakh jobs, which signify that a lot of workers are likely to be jobless! It is a point to worry, but what exactly has diverted buyers from the fascination of cars – a luxury that is dreamt by almost all human beings.

Increased rates of fuel may be one of the key factors behind this. Costs of petrol and diesel keep on going up and down from time to time. On many occasions, a sudden rise of 2 to 3 rupees is done in fuel cost, mismanaging budgets of several households. In the name of slight relief, increased rates are cut down to some extent but it happens on selected occasions for instance elections.

A couple of days ago, petrol went cheaper by 70 paise per litre. A lot of citizens took it as government’s tactic to please voters in the wake of ongoing elections. Customers can’t be fooled in the current scenario as they have undergone terrible inflation for more than a few months, which created several troubles for them to manage expenses and run home or personal budget properly.

In India, 4 wheelers sales skidded for the second straight fiscal finished last month with a plunge of 4.6 percent given that the car trade kept on grappling in a slow financial system. News about sales is not good from heavy trucks and buses segments as well that carried on their negative sales run for the a tad more than two years.

Though auto industry is full of cars giving amazing average on a litre of petrol or diesel, yet shoppers know buying a car may turn unmanageable any time. Despite the fact that low sales are not good for manufacturers, it is good sign as far as cleanliness of environment is concerned. Awareness programs and education have also played imperative role in making residents understand disadvantages of polluted surroundings.

Apart from respiratory and breathing problems, a number of people complaint of coughing, dizziness, asthma, chronic bronchitis, cancer, kidney failure, skin rashes, improper functioning of lungs, birth defects and even miscarriages. Less use of vehicles for commuting from one place to other clear air and makes human beings breathe fresh. A commendable change has also been observed in the attitude of the common mob. Commuters now prefer taking public transports like metro, rails and buses instead of picking their personal cars.

Such small steps will give bigger results in the future. Removal of smog will surely build a safer environment for generations to come. Hope all goes well in the car sector, but one should not forget how to take effective use of the available facilities.

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