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Attractive Hair Tresses No More Impossible With ‘Simple but Effective’ Home Remedies

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Attractive Hair Tresses No More Impossible With ‘Simple but Effective’ Home Remedies

April 22
14:43 2014

hairNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 22 – Beautiful hair is what everyone loves to flaunt. But every person is not so lucky when it comes to the quality of hair. Some of the people are fed up with unmanageable tangles of dry and curly hair, while a few among them are still living with the dream to show off long and healthy hair. People think that it is just faulty shampoo and conditioners that ruin hair texture, but truth is far beyond than this.

One must be clear in her mind that extreme straitening, perming, coloring of hair, unwanted mental stress, dust & pollution, improper diet, lack of nutrition, dandruff and fungal infection on the scalp are the real enemy of hair, leading to immense and uncontrollable hair fall during all the seasons, be it winter, rainy or summer.

Before picking best products of hair, it is vital to restrict unnecessary tension – which alone gives birth to quite a lot of health and beauty issues. Prepare a food chart for yourself and include those eatables that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fruits are just not good for skin and health of hair, but also for enhancing smoothness of hair. A lot of fruit packs can be applied as hair pack on more than a few occasions. Mash a banana with honey and apply the same for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly under fresh running water and make sure that each wisp is absolutely clean in the end.

Appropriate rinsing is always vital as far as shine of healthy hair is concerned. Choose a mild shampoo and conditioner that could add quality to your wavy tresses. For the final wash, add a tablespoon of vinegar into a mug of water. This is important to provide a natural bounce to the hair.

Rather than applying henna or any other hair dyes, prepare a homemade pack of amla, reetha, honey, shikakai, curd and a pinch of black pepper. Let it rest on the scalp for 30 to 45 minutes. Wash your hair properly with water and then shampoo it. You will be amazed after seeing the shine in your hair when it gets dried completely.

Several people use lime on the scalp, but it is a very complicated ingredient for the hair. Though it shows good results on oily hair, but can show adverse effects on dry and frizzy hair. Instead of leaving lemon juice for 15 to 20 minutes on any hair type, safer side would be to use its few drops during the last rinse.

There is no substitute of hair massage. Slightly warmed coconut oil, canola oil and olive oil are best for the scalp. Leave your hair open after appropriately massaging it. Take steam at least for 5 minutes so that goodness of oil can be sent at the core point that makes your hair look astonishingly amazing. Use herbal shampoo for washing hair. This process is ‘easy to use’ and helps in reducing untimely fall, which can ruin entire appearance of a person if he fails to find a prompt solution. So, have faith in home essentials and have gorgeous hair.

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