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Are Children Actually Safe in their Parents’ Absence?

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Are Children Actually Safe in their Parents’ Absence?

July 24
13:13 2014

child beatenNew Delhi, Thursday, July 24 – Are children literally safe in when their parents are not around? A number of cases were reported in the past where children were beaten up badly in the school premises and even at home when their parents are sitting in a different room busy in accomplishing domestic chores. But whatever happened in Kolkata recently is a clear alarm for parents and guardians, who leave small kids alone at residence and give all responsibility to their teachers to guide them in a well manner.

A video tape surfaced on Wednesday that showed cruelty of a tutor over a three-and-a-half year old child. The spine-chilling clip that showed inhuman brutality on a tiny tot that made almost every viewer to think twice before appointing a home tutor. Shaking almost each parent, the video clearly showed the teacher, Pooja Singh, flung the innocent baby on bed and repeatedly slapped him. She even kicked the child in the chest and stomach, crossing all limits.

The private tutor kept punching him on the face and ignored kid’s continuous scream and plea to spare him. What if parents of the Kolkata boy didn’t have installed a CCTV camera? No one knows same sort of brutality would have continued for several weeks, months or years! Children are so innocent that they try to hide everything if someone threatens them not to complain about the misconduct to anyone. Million dollar question that arises here is this – what sort of mistake a 3-1/2 year old child can make that his tutor had gone so angry? How could a woman thrash a kid as like an object on the bed and beat him constantly? This is totally insane of that middle-aged lady and strict punishment should be given to such fellows who aren’t scared of any law and order before committing such a grave offence.

Just a few days ago only, the entire nation was shocked to see the footage of a principal thrashing three visually challenged kids. What has actually happened to the teaching fraternity? Where has the patience level gone? Is it really wise to turn inhuman when their job is to teach children lessons of humanity and kindness? Children’s safety is turning out to be one of the biggest concerns at the present. Home tutors and teachers at educational institutes are just not the sole reasons behind kids’ fear, they are not safe in the company of maids as well. In the month of May this year, an 11 month old baby was viciously beaten by a servant, who threw the kid on a bean bag for several times and repeated the same on the bed. These people must be punished but what about reprimanding parents!

In the midst of fast running life, it is not possible for both father and mother to give their children basic education. A tutor is hired to watch his growth and they feel as if they are imparting their duty as parents in a perfect manner. But what is the reality? The recent video clips showing violence over children in different states are a wake up call for them. Before it gets too late, it would be better to keep an eagle eye over the activities and behavior of tutors and domestic helps. If truth be told, they should try to take out quality time and spend the same with their kids to hear their stuffs and come out with a solution is there is any problem. After all, children are the nation’s future. Such type of brutality can embed irremovable terror for a lifetime. Ensure your child safety and let him grow in a healthy and happy environment.

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